Joe Rogan Explains the Creative Process Behind His Writing and Comedic Performance


Joe Rogan has succeeded in multiple endeavors and comedy is one of them. For years he has continued to create new material regardless of the commitments he has with the cfu and his podcast.

Joe Rogan was recently joined by author Steven Pressfield on his podcast and explained what the process generally looks like when creating material. During their chat, the UFC announcer explained the creation process, saying:

“A lot of times you think you’re right but then you go up in front of a crowd and they don’t think it’s funny or they think the setup is funny but the punchline sucks, it’s weird… So you really create in front of them as well as on your own. You need it. You can’t create comedy in a vacuum, you really need an audience.

Like any profession, comedians work hard to improve and perfect their craft. Host JRE added that playing is a very enjoyable experience, but emphasized that preparation is key:

“It was really scary when I first started doing it, but now it’s fun. They all pay to see you, it’s fun – it’s a good time. As long as you did the work, so long that you’re ready, it shouldn’t be scary. It should be a really good time, you’re here to make them laugh. But also it’s been 33 years… 34 years I’ve been doing it. That’s a very long time. “

Rogan has done a great job as a UFC announcer for national pay-per-view events, podcast host, and stand-up comedian. Although the number of UFC events he hosted has gone down, it hasn’t affected the quality of his work.

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How many comedy specials has Joe Rogan done?

Although well known for his role in the UFC, hosting his JRE podcast and the original host of Fear Factor, Joe Rogan was a stand-up comedian long before that.

He started his acting career in 1988 and since then he has released 10 comedy specials between 2000 and 2018. His latest specials, Sets off and strange timeswere released exclusively on Netflix.

The JRE The host has notable roles as an actor, including playing the role of Joe Garrelli in the NBC sitcom NewsRadio, which ran for 5 seasons between 1995 and 1999, with a total run of 97 episodes.

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