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The veteran film and TV designer, author and anti-bullying activist is launching a new online journal from which he will communicate his ideas and experiences to the world

VANCOUVER, BC /ACCESSWIRE/October 7, 2022/ Jordan Ninkovich, film and television production designer, author, and anti-bullying activist, is proud to announce that his new blog is live on the internet, bolstered by two inaugural entries. Topics covered in Jordan’s online review focus primarily on issues related to the design of film and television productions.

In his latest blog entry, titled How designers like Jordan Ninkovich bring history to life, he describes the typical process used by production designers to do their part in the creation of films and television shows. In a notable section on location scouting, Jordan writes, “It is the job of the production designer to find the filming locations that will best serve the story being told. It is often difficult to find locations that meet specific production needs. For example, if a scene calls for a large house with a large backyard, the designer may search through dozens of properties before finding the perfect one.”

In the previous entry, titled Jordan Ninkovich shares the skills required to be a production designer, Jordan Ninkovich provides a comprehensive overview of the intangible traits needed by those seeking a career in their own field. “Creativity is essential for product designers. They must be able to come up with new and innovative ideas that will capture the attention of the viewer. Moreover, they must be thorough in bringing these ideas to life,” he says. , adding: “It is also essential to be a good team player. Production designers often work with a large team of people, so it is necessary to be able to lead well and work under pressure. Plus, a knowledge of art history and design principles is useful for this career.” Jordan goes on to state that some sort of experience in set design, graphic design, or art direction is also usually a prerequisite for becoming a production designer.

Anyone curious to read these blog entries in full will find them here, while anyone interested in learning more about Jordan Ninkovich is encouraged to visit his professional website.

About Jordan Ninkovich:

Jordan Ninkovich grew up in Richmond, BC. In high school, Jordan played high-level basketball to the point where he considered playing at a semi-professional level in Europe. An injury during his senior year, however, prevented him from pursuing this.

After graduating, Jordan began working in BC’s famous film and television industry, including some theater. While performing, he enrolled in an interior design program at the Vancouver College of Art and Design (VCAD), then known as Yorkville University. Since then, he has designed several homes and commercial spaces.

Jordan Ninkovich is an accomplished film production designer for film and television. In the past, he has worked with networks such as Hallmark, Lifetime, Fox, TUBI, A&E, among others. Jordan’s exceptional work ethic and leadership qualities are evident in his craftsmanship. He always approaches production design with an effort to elevate the quality of every project he works on. As a result, Jordan provides producers, directors, and networks with excellent deliverables for every production. More recently, he was involved in the production design of the film “Caught in His Web”, produced by Whoopi Goldberg, as well as the new Fox film “The Shell Collector” and some Hallmark Christmas films.

Additionally, Jordan was recently hired to do production design for the upcoming film “Spread” starring Harvey Keitel. He is also continuing his acting career. Jordan has also signed on as production designer for the feature film “Tiger Mom,” directed by Shawn Chou and starring Ken Jeong.

In addition to his work in the film and television industry, Jordan Ninkovich is an author. His most recent work, titled ‘Epidemic’, focuses on bullying and obesity among young people, and he toured across Canada in 2016 to promote the book and talk to young people about bullying and welfare.

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