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Almost 16 years after first coming up with the idea, an aspiring author from Kelowna has finally managed to complete and publish his first book this year.

Isaiah Fransen was eight years old when he came up with the premise that mirrors the story of his recently published book, Detective Jon and the Missing Jewels, which came out in July.

“The book I made as a kid was actually finished, but I didn’t know how to publish it, so we had to scrap it,” said Fransen, who turns 24 on December 21.

“The idea came back to me while I was lying in my bed. I started writing the book again and couldn’t remember any of the characters (sic) from the book I had done before, so I found some new ones.

The book revolves around a character named Detective Jon, who has been summoned to help locate the missing jewelry that was stolen from a mansion.

“Detective Jon has to find this jewelry and hunt down this thief all over this mansion with the help of friends,” Fransen said.

It took her two days to write the book, working day and night to produce the short story which spans 72 pages.

“My favorite part of the experience has to be writing and imagining the stories. I have so many ideas, I have so many ideas. It’s just crazy, ”he said. “I’m autistic, so I have a lot more ideas because of how I function and the way I come up with things. “

He plans to write a sequel, as well as other books in the future.

“I’m really excited to see where this takes me because it’s really, really cool,” he said. “I couldn’t believe how I did this. It was a lot of work, but it didn’t take me too long to do.

A paper version of the book was recently approved by Amazon and will be on sale for C $ 10. Ebook versions are available on Chapters Indigo and Barnes & Noble for CA $ 3.99.

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