Lieper Publication Announces Author Asha Ponnachan’s Book a Bestseller


Canadian author Asha Ponnachan’s debut book surpassed sales targets in less than 2 weeks, claiming the title of “bestseller”. Lieper Publication has signed Asha for her book which was launched on March 8 worldwide. Her poetry book, “The Moon at My Window”, was a big hit from the start after being well received by readers around the world.

“As we watched book sales increase rapidly, we hoped they would exceed our original targets and we are pleasantly surprised at the short timeframe in which these events unfolded,” Faheem Bhat, CEO of Lieper Publication.

“Publishing a book was just an idea a few weeks ago and now we are talking about global sales. When Faheem called me and told me it had become a bestseller, I couldn’t believe it. For now, I cherish this moment, ”says Asha, delighted with the news.

Although she started writing at an early age, Asha’s professional life veered into the corporate sector and then diverged into the Canadian non-profit sector where she used her storytelling skills in marketing and business development. The success of his first book proved to be providential for his new career as a writer.
Asked about future plans, the author and publisher remain discreet. However, there are rumors in the industry of a second book by Asha, slated for release soon.

“Whatever happens to us, we are thrilled to work as a team with Asha,” said Faheem, CEO of Lieper Publication.

Boasting a history of triumph after her debut book, Asha Ponnachan is indeed well on her way as an author and we look forward to many more of her written works.


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