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From adding colorful throw pillows to painting a single wall, here’s how to make the living room livelier.

Living room decor is an essential part of interiors, as it is where you welcome guests, meet and greet friends, and spend time with family. Adding a burst of color enhances its look and makes it more inviting.

We have a collection of some ideas inspired by luxurious celebrity homes to add color to your living room with minimal effort.

paint a wall

Image Courtesy: Instagram/radhikaofficial

The simple act of painting a wall in the room with a bright shade will add a pop of color and enhance interiors. Following the contrasting color theme, you can add furniture, throw pillows, picture frames, and centerpieces.

Taking inspiration from the image above of actor Radhika Apte, you can paint the wall a bright yellow. To complement the hue on the wall, she added a gray sofa topped with a white and blue blanket and cushions. She also hung black picture frames with colorful pictures inside.

paint a bookcase

Who better to take inspiration from than interior designer and author Twinkle Khanna? His company Tweak India often features the author giving tips for sprucing up spaces in your home.

In this reel, she was seen showcasing the style of a bookshelf. The interesting part is that its shelf is painted in turquoise, which makes it stand out from the basic colors of the room. She added books with colorful covers, plants and a few centerpieces that enlivened the space.

Add carpeting and green plants

house of gauri khan

Image Courtesy: Instagram/gaurikhan

The photo above is from Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan’s humble home in New Delhi, which is now also available for rent on Airbnb. With pastel colored walls, the living room has dark wood furniture and an area rug.

The underfoot addition added texture and the design enhanced the interiors. Another thing to note is the plants. While the standalone green color may not suit all types of interiors, indoor plants simply add a lively touch to any room.

Reflect colors through mirrors and add colorful furniture

Taking inspiration from Alia Bhatt’s living room, you can add a large mirror that will reflect light and color. Another thing you can do is add colorful furniture like the actor did.

Its yellow and pink chairs and dark brown wood furniture made the otherwise creamy white room stand out with hues. You can also take inspiration from Sonam Kapoor’s living rooms above which had sofas and stools in pastel, red and green tones.

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Add colorful cushions

parineeti chopra house

Image Courtesy: Instagram/parineetichopra

To add a dash of color, you can place colorful throw pillows on the sofa like Parineeti Chopra. You can use different textures and patterns to beautify the living space.

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Hang colorful paintings

If you have all-white interiors, the best way to add color is with colored paints. Kiara Advani’s living room is the perfect example. In the actor’s living room, a painting stands out against the white walls and furniture.


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