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Sweet Water resident Mikel Wilson is quickly becoming a well-known author in Alabama and the United States. He is the author of several fantasy, sci-fi, murder, and Christian books, some of which have made the Top 100 on Amazon.

Sweet Water resident and author Mikel Wilson has become a fixture in the writing community and has published several books for adults and young adults. He continued his hard work and will publish more books in the coming months.

His latest releases Ascension of the Blood Throne and Something for Susan have become popular books on Amazon with Ascension of the Blood Throne reach number one on Amazon in three categories for five weeks. Something for Susan finished in the top 100 at number 68.

Wilson’s new releases include A fallen kingdom. A fallen kingdom is a science fiction book for young adults based on the Knights era, similar to the Knights of the Round Table. Wilson said the story focuses on a young Viking knight who feels trapped between serving his kingdom and following his own path in life. A second version is the second book in a series titled The Hybrid which places a heavy emphasis on fantasy elements.

The Hybrid has Amazons, Greek mythology, dragons, and several other supernatural beings. Basically, if you like something fantastic, he’s got it in there,” Wilson said. “All my imagination ran free and I loved it.”

Wilson said The Hybrid The series is slated to be a five-book series, with Book 2 slated for July 2022, and Book Three slated for release in November or December 2022. Books Four and Five will be released in 2023.

For those who follow Wilson’s Christian books, book three of Broken but not easily broken the series will be released in 2023.

“We have already fixed the date and the book is being written. My editors are working hard on it, and I think it will be a fantastic finale for the series,” Wilson said.

Upcoming events for Wilson include attending The Capital City Author event in Montgomery, AL on May 21, 2022. Wilson said he was excited for the event as it will allow him to get exposure and meet new new authors.

“There will be more than 80 authors there, including some national authors. Participating in this event will open up more opportunities for me and allow me to connect with other authors as well as readers who enjoy my books,” said Wilson.

Wilson said he also had radio interviews in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as an interview with Andy Renner.


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