Marvel Boss Says Taika Waititi Pitched Some “Extreme” Ideas For Thor: Love and Thunder


Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t exactly land the way many had hoped, with fans seriously divided over the film.

Taiki Waititi divided opinions with his very joking Thor: Love and Thunder, and recently Marvel’s Director of Visual Development Andy Park discussed some of the extreme ideas the director had thrown around that ended up being pulled a bit. Chris Hemsworth’s latest outing as the God of Thunder proved a bit of a disappointment for Marvel Studios, with critics mutilating its rambling feel and tone, audiences not quite on board and the box office failing. not reaching the heights of other Marvel films. It seems as wild as Thor: Love and Thunder was, there was room for it to have been even wilder.

Many Marvel fans had high hopes for Hemsworth and director Waititi’s pairing after Thor: Ragnarok delivered one of the best films of the entire MCU franchise in 2017. Their second stint in the character fell a little flat, however, feeling like a jumble of ideas and scenes rather than a fully planned story. The reason for this seemed to become apparent when it was revealed that over four hours of footage had been shot for the two-hour film, with many scenes being shot in multiple ways, all leading to different plot outcomes. In a new interview with SyFy, Andy Park revealed that Waititi always tries to take things to extremes. He said:


“It was really fun getting back into the world of Thor with Taika because I know when I work with him I’m in for a ride. He’s so much fun. He’s always joking around and he’s really just fun. [Laughs]. But his ideas are very extreme and out there. He’s not afraid to try anything. There might be times when we’re scared [and say] ‘Ahhh, I don’t know… maybe that’s a bit too far design-wise.’ So he’ll like to push us to be like, ‘Hey, let’s go.’ Whether that became the design or we backed off a bit, we wouldn’t have found this pivot without going to extremes. It’s pretty much Taika in a nutshell.”

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Taiki Waititi may not return for Thor 5

Thor: Love and Thunder ended with the promise that Thor would return. While that means there are more guaranteed adventures for Chris Hemsworth’s mighty hero, it may not mean Taika Waititi will be back in the director’s chair. Although there has been very little mention of how and when Thor will return, rumors have already swirled that Waititi has decided not to return to the franchise following lukewarm reviews from Thor: Love and Thunder.

However, if that were the case, Waititi certainly won’t be short of work with the writer/director who is now heading to the star wars franchise. Although few details have been revealed about his next foray into the galaxy far, far away, it looks like he will be one of the big names leading the future of the star wars the franchise’s big-screen presence.


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