Master’s Ranch Christian Academy announces the launch of a writing program


MYRTLE, MO / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2021 / Master Ranch Christian Academy (MRCA), a residential care facility for adolescents, men and women, based in Couch, MO, is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive writing program.

Master’s Ranch provides excellent educational opportunities for on-site students with a nationally accredited program through the MRA and the Acellus Academy, used by thousands of schools across the country.

MRCA has established a partnership with The benefits of thinking, LLC, and its founder, Steve Bonenberger, to present The writer’s pact as a core program for all three campuses. Steve Bonenberger is a pastor, speaker, Bible and excellence teacher, essayist, novelist and storyteller with over 25 years of experience.

The writer’s pact

The writer’s pact is a definitive book on “how to build a compelling and creative piece”. It is a requirement for all writers and creators to know, master and refer for both inspiration and advice. It contains 21 lessons analyzing the mechanics of writing, from plot to phrasing, and teaching the art of storytelling, scene by scene.

The writer’s pact the program includes:

  • Reference Guide – offers a wide range of discussion topics that writers can come back to when they need inspiration and advice

  • How-to manual – provides a step-by-step template on how to move creative work forward

  • Character Development – includes a careful and analytical discussion of how characters can be formed and mixed

  • Conflict – delves deep into the impacts and progression of conflict and how to move them forward or advance them

  • Evil plunges the depths of evil and provides a blueprint for how to correctly capture, present and use this force correctly.

  • Kindness – shows the extent of kindness and the “Beyond the Distance” power and empowerment that kindness bestows to transform the trail of evil

  • Define Work – provides the writer with the ability to create an appropriate sticky definition for their work

Steve Bonenberger, Managing Director of Thought Pros, LLC, award-winning and best-selling author of five novels, including The Through the gates of fire series and The path of the geniuses, a groundbreaking book on human development, said:

Work with Master’s Ranch is the greatest joy and the greatest honor of my whole career. Seeing these young men and women take an interest in the material and learn to write their own stories is an exhilarating time for all of us. “

Dr Ken Tombley, Acting Executive Director of the MRCA added:

“Addition of Steve Bonenberger and The writer’s pact because the core curriculum is an exciting addition to our student populations. We know that helping our students learn the art of writing and composition at high performance levels will help them in their future career paths. “

Dr Ken Tombley
Master Ranch Christian Academy
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