Meet PortSwigger’s first female academics in technology


Emma Shares | October 26, 2022 at 12:43 UTC

PortSwigger recently launched a scholarship program, specifically aimed at creating opportunities for young women to kick-start their tech careers. Our scholarships offer paid work opportunities, tailored personal development programs, generous financial support and the possibility of a permanent position after graduation.

We spoke with Charlotte and Lucy, the first two female graduates to participate in the program, to learn more about their experiences so far.

What was your experience applying to our scholarship program?


“It was very easy to apply, and the company is very friendly and helpful if you have any questions.


I felt like I had applied and interviewed for a lot of things over the 13 year, and part of what made me hopeful that I would progress through the PortSwigger scholarship program was that I liked the process much more. It was welcoming and engaging, instead of being off-putting like everything else.

What made you choose a career in technology?


I love the logic and how creative technology can be integrated into this. It always interested and excited me, so I decided I wanted to work in technology.


The extracurricular activities at my school really reinforced my love of computing. I spent a lot of time at code club with friends and realized that I liked the problem-solving elements of code development.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?


I went through different phases. I wanted to be a dancer, an archaeologist and even a firefighter. I decided to pursue technology as a career path around the age of 13.


For years, I wanted to be an author. A big part of me still wants to be.

What attracted you most to PortSwigger?


Everyone’s attitude at PortSwigger made it a fun place to work, and I really liked the idea of ​​working using an agile approach.


PortSwigger has a very friendly and open culture, which appeals to me a lot. I was also very attracted to the support offered through the scholarship program.

What would your superhero power be and why?


Definitely super speed! I could work much faster and save a lot of time on travel.


I wish I could turn transformation into animals because there is at least one animal that has adapted to survive in just about every environment so I can adapt to any situation.

Do you want to know more?

To learn more about PortSwigger’s scholarship and internship programs and to apply to participate, visit our website. Applications are accepted between October 31, ’22 and March 20, ’23, from women in grade 13.


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