Music Producer Goes Social Media With 365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for a Higher Life)


Cover of the book 365 daily inspirations for a higher life

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Miss Kristin Pedderson

Miss Kristin has been entertaining fans with her unique musical creations for over 20 years. Lately, she’s taken to social media with daily inspirations.

People all over the world are suffering. Many wonder how to win. My goal is to impart Truth and spiritual wisdom.

—Kristin Pederson

CAMPBELL, CA, USA, October 4, 2022 / — Miss Christina is well known for her musical compositions and remarkable vocal style. The artist has produced a wide range of recordings over 20 years. Now she’s taken to social media with daily inspirations from her new book, “365 daily inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)”, with the intention of strengthening and elevating its social media community.

Currently, portions of the new book are being shared on Facebook directly to Kristin’s pages, where the readings spur a return to deeper faith for countless readers.

Kristin says, “People all over the world are hurting. Many wonder how to win. My goal is to impart Truth and spiritual wisdom.

The author helps people explore ideas that go beyond religion. “365 daily inspirations” emphasizes the relationship with God. The book is centered on love, with a teaching on Christlikeness, revealing concepts that strengthen an individual’s inner being.

“365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)” is an effort born out of the experience of author Kristin Pedderson. Thirty years ago, Kristin had a spiritual awakening that changed her entire trajectory. When the shift happened, Kristin witnessed a plethora of miracles, signs, wonders and dreams.

Since that time, Kristin has produced expressive music with a message to the tune of over 20 albums in 20 years. She is a multi-instrumentalist who plays and records most of her own instruments. She writes all the lyrics and creates her own video productions to provide her Youtube channel.

Kristin adds, “I had a dream in which I recognized a need for healing after years of trauma. Around this time I started writing songs and fell in love with the practice of expressing thoughts and feelings through words. I had no idea how it would turn out, but now I understand that I was given a great gift. My purpose in sharing on social media today is to inspire and encourage individuals who welcome rich direction for a higher life.

“365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)” has a tentative release date slated for next year.

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