My View: The particular pleasures of my writing trance | Opinion


It’s an invisible writing partner that wakes me up in the middle of the night. I learned to keep a pencil and paper by my bed so that I could write them down. It amazes me how productive the mind can be when we sleep.

My goal is to share each character’s worldview with others. It brings me personal satisfaction and the ability to appreciate the talent of each author. The theme of each story is fascinating, and I wonder why I chose them. I always want to know how the characters solve their problems.

Each revision records history. Now is the time to erase the faulty sentences and replace them with powerful adjectives or adverbs that allow them to come to life. Letting the words rest before and after each review gives you time to enjoy this solitary pursuit.

Reading, writing and revising move each project to the finish line. The excitement rises with each new page. How is it going to start? How will it end? What will become of the characters? It’s a never-ending process that can only get better over time. A writing resource library has taken over a small bedroom desk. Books of all shapes, sizes and subjects wait to be read over and over again. My voice feels like sitting among them on someone else’s shelf.

I love the profession of writing and I realize how difficult it is. The more I learn, the less I know. It is climbing a mountain of knowledge, hoping to reach the top and discovering that it is really a valley in disguise. The pure pleasure is in the creative process. Publishing is always the end of a journey and the start of a new one.


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