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The book Ir-Ruħ Tqell bil-Poeżija – Louis Briffa: Il-Ħsieb Inċanat by Charles Briffa explores aspects of contemporary Maltese poetry through the practice of literary criticism. It is intended to help readers immerse themselves more deeply in the poetic works of Louis Briffa.

“Literary works have their existence in a continuous flow of analytical criticism about them in an academic context”, explains the author.

“The studies presented in this book, Ir-Ruħ Tqell bil-Poeżijabring new insights to our understanding of readers’ experiences of a stylistically contemporary Maltese poet.

The book views reader empathy as a psychological process involved in the engagement between readers and poems. As a field of research, the book is a project that explores the relationship between language and cultural conceptualizations. It develops, among other things, its key analytical notions of the treatment of women in literature.

The book analytically compares Louis Briffa’s treatment of women in his poems with that of other Maltese authors. It summarizes a detailed comparative study by Mario Azzopardi and Louis Briffa on the subject of the voice of women in our culture.

This dimension leads to the question of whether literature that deals with sex is pornography or art.

He develops, among other things, his key analytical notions of the treatment of women in literature.

“As an exercise in academic criticism, the project understandably led to comparison and cross-referencing,” says Briffa.

“The arrangement of the book’s content will allow readers to become familiar with a basic map of the poet’s mental style and (hopefully) encourage other reviewers to continue their research on the current author.”

The material discussed is relevant to literature in general. It offers literary critics and students of literature ideas that deserve serious consideration, but the book’s main purpose is to present the poet in the cultural habitat of the literary intellectual. The author says that, therefore, Ir-Ruħ Tqell bil-Poeżija must be considered as a relevant vector of the values ​​of the literary imagination.

The book (which has an English section) is part of Briffa’s Maltese Authors Project. He has written books on the following writers: Trevor Zahra, Michael Buttigieg, Anton Manwel Caruana, Joseph Vella Bondin, Mario Azzopardi, Oliver Friggieri, Frans Sammut, Achille Mizzi, Victor Fenech, Paul P. Borg, Charles Casha, Dun Karm, Louis Camilleri, and now Louis Briffa.

With this project, the author wishes to examine the essential (albeit complex) principles governing the Maltese literary movements of the last decades.

Professor Charles Briffa is Professor of Maltese Literary and Literary Criticism at the University of Malta and also teaches translation theory and practice. He is a literary critic and researcher as well as a translator. His latest publication, Ir-Ruħ Tqell bil-Poeżija – Louis Briffa: Il-Ħsieb Inċanat, was published by Horizons publishers and is available in all major bookstores.

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