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About the blog writing competition:

On the occasion of National Consumer Day who is celebrated on December 24, 2021, Chair in Consumer Law, NLU Delhi (“the chair“) is organizing a Blog writing contest. The top two entries would be awarded the President’s Certificate of Appreciation from blogs accepted and published in the Second issue from Newsletter of the Chair. The Chair has already published the first issue of its newsletter in October 2021.

Deadline for sending registration: December 30, 2021

Theme:Know your consumer rights “

Terms of Service:

  1. Co-creation is allowed. (Maximum of two authors)
  2. The submission must be in the English language.
  3. The word limit for the article is 1200 words. However, longer submissions may be considered as needed. The word limit includes footnotes.
  4. Any uniform citation format can be followed for citation purposes.
  5. The submission must contain hyperlinks to sources, including judgments, laws, treaties or other legal texts referred to. Hyperlinks should only refer to legal or respected sources of information. The Editorial Board [“Board”] will make the final decision on what constitutes a respectable source. References that cannot be hyperlinked may be cited using any uniform formatting style.
  6. The author’s submission must be the original work of the author and must not be plagiarized. All submissions will be subject to strict online plagiarism checks.
  7. Authors should also include a statement as to the good faith of their submission in their email. An example of a statement to this effect could be: “The article / blog is an original work of the author (s). or consideration elsewhere. ”
  8. The final publication of all submissions will be subject to change by the Board.
  9. The Council reserves the right to summarily reject or return the submission to the author (s) without comment for non-compliance with these guidelines.
  10. In the event of a dispute, the Board’s decision is final and enforceable.
  11. The opinions / thoughts / ideas or any opinion of the author expressed and published on the blog are the respective opinions of the authors. The institution or the Council cannot be held responsible for the opinion expressed by the author on the blog article.
  12. Relevant photograph can be provided by the authors describing their blog submission. Accompaniment of the image is optional (The Council may include one if accepted by the author). If the author wishes to provide an image to accompany their blog post, the photo must be attributed (provide the URL of the image source), be at least 200 × 200 pixels in .JPG or .PNG format .
  13. If the blog post is published, the author has all rights to the content, including, but not limited to, modify, mix, duplicate, use or reuse in whole or in part as he pleases. However, the copyright of blog posts, once published, would rest entirely with the Chair of Consumer Law, NLUD.
  14. Cross-publication is permitted although with prior approval from the Board of Directors, the credits due should be allocated to the newsletter publication site upon cross-publication. This should be done in the following format: – “this article / blog was first published on the …… Blog.”

Formatting guidelines:

  1. Body: Font – Garamond, font size – 12, line spacing – 1.5, alignment – justified
  2. Footnotes: Font – Garamond, font size – 10, line spacing – 1, alignment – justified

Submission guidelines:

  1. Authors should send the manuscript by email to [email protected].
  2. All entries must be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  3. The deadline for submission is December 30, 2021.
  4. The best entry will get a Certificate of appreciation and the the two best blogs will be published in the next issue of the Newsletter of the Chair in Consumer Law, NLU Delhi.
  5. The author (s) specify in the mail body:

● Names of author (s).

● Name of the College / University.

● Email address and contact number.

Contact details:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about [email protected].

Please visit for more information.


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