‘Pachinko’s Jin Ha Apologizes For Inappropriate Photos On His Blog


Actor Jin Ha at a red carpet event for “Pachinko” at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles on March 16. [JOONGANG ILBO]

Actor Jin Ha of Apple TV+’s new series “Pachinko” (2022) apologized on Saturday for his candid photographs of older Korean women and his sexually suggestive comments about them on his social media page.

“I sincerely apologize to the older women I photographed,” Ha wrote on her personal blog. “I also apologize to the viewers I offended with this Tumblr account. My lapse in judgment in 2011 was pointed out by readers wiser than me, and I’m grateful for that.

Ha had posted pictures of middle-aged and elderly women on the subway or on the street with their faces clearly visible on his “Korean Flowers in Bloom” Tumblr account, which he created in July 2010. He actively posted on the page until 2011.

Along with the photos, Ha made comments such as “Working with such a provocative model, I had a hard time keeping control of myself and my concupiscence” and “Dirty hands mean they work well in the kitchen”.

Admitting that his actions were an “invasion of the privacy of older women who featured” and that his captions were “inappropriate”, Ha said he deleted his Tumblr account.

Ha portrays Solomon Baek on “Pachinko”. Baek is a grandson of series protagonist Sunja played by Academy Award-winning actor Yun Yuh-jung.

The other cast members of the new series are Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha, Jung Min-chae, Anna Sawai, Kaho Minami, and Jung Woong-in.

Apple TV+’s Korean-language series “Pachinko” premiered on March 25.

Based on Korean-American author Min Jin Lee’s bestselling 2017 novel of the same name, the story of “Pachinko” follows four generations of ethnic Koreans in Japan, known as Zainichi Koreans.

An episode of the eight-episode series drops every Friday through April 29.

Ha is a Korean-American actor, known for his roles in the television series “Devs” (2020) and “Love Life” (2020), and the musical “Hamilton” (2021).

The actor caught the public’s attention at a red carpet event for “Pachinko” at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles on March 16 by dressing in the female version of hanbok, or Korean traditional costume. Ha told reporters he chose the outfit because he “wanted to look good regardless of my gender.”

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