Plexus Publishing, Inc. has announced the publication of Florilla: A Pinelands Romance


Florilla: A Romance in the Pinelands

Buchan takes us on a delightfully described walk through time in the New Jersey Pinelands – a treat for those who know and love the area and an adventure for those just getting to know it.

Plexus Publishing, Inc., the independent publisher of the New York Times bestseller Boardwalk Empire, has announced the publication of Perdita Buchan’s latest novel, Florilla: A Pinelands Romance.

Granddaughter of “The Pinelands Witch”, daughter of the so-called Wizard of the Pines, and with powers of her own, eleven-year-old Florilla Munion finds herself abandoned deep in the Pinelands of New Jersey. Rescued by traveling Dr. Peace, she is taken to Benderville, a model industrial town in the heart of the Pines owned by the doctor’s old friend, the eccentric and progressive Benjamin Bender. Benjamin Bender takes in Florilla, and she becomes his student when he discovers her talent for his beloved Latin and Greek.

Florilla’s time in Benderville is just the beginning of her journey. Her abusive father, Jack Munion, is a constant threat. He knows Florilla has abilities that would be an asset to his travel act. As Florilla approaches her eighteenth birthday, Benjamin Bender, fearing he can no longer keep the magician at bay, tries to marry her off.

Devastated by this betrayal, Florilla flees. On the run, she meets Colin Drysdale, a young English botanist who has injured his leg. She bandages his wound and takes him home to the edge of the Pines. She falls in love with Colin, but Florilla’s happiness is disrupted when her father kidnaps her. Although she is separated from Colin by time and distance, they continue to search for each other. Not just a love story, Florilla exposes the diverse and sometimes conflicting lifestyles that competed to survive in 19th century America.

“Florilla has something for everyone: romance, adventure, magic and history,” said Jane Gorman, author of Scones and Scofflaws: Cape May Cozy Mysteries With a Twist. “Buchan takes us along a delightfully portrayed walk through time in the New Jersey Pinelands – a treat for those who know and love the area and an adventure for those just getting to know it.”

“Buchan takes us on a beautiful ride, remembering history and celebrating the mystery of our beloved Jersey Pines. The story is heartfelt and compelling, and its overall effect is nothing short of magical!

—John Calu, co-author, with Dave Hart,

from Trenton and adventures along the Jersey Shore

“In Florilla, a courageous and independent heroine travels an unexpected path to love. Buchan connects the specific concerns of life in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens to the larger issues of the mid-1800s. … It’s a tale by turns heartbreaking and delightful.

— Jane Kelly, author of The Mysteries of Meg Daniels


Perdita Buchan was born in England and came to America as a child. She grew up in Philadelphia and has since lived and worked in New York, London and Florence, Italy, and now lives in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. She is the author of three previous novels, including Called Away and The Carousel Carver, winner of the 2020 Independent Publisher National Book Awards, Mid-Atlantic (Best Regional Fiction). Her nonfiction book, Utopia, New Jersey: Travels in the Nearest Eden, was a New Jersey Council for Humanities Honor Book in 2008. Her short stories and essays have appeared in The New Yorker, Ladies’ Home Journal, Fiction Network, House Beautiful, The New York Times, and The Christian Science Monitor, among other publications.

Florilla: A Pinelands Romance (143pp/hardcover/$16.95/ISBN 978-1-940091-08-2, paperback/$13.95/ISBN 978-1-940091-09-9, ebook/9, $99/ISBN 978-1-940091-91-4) is available in bookstores and at all major online bookstores, and by ordering directly from the publisher. For more information or to order, call or email Plexus Publishing, Inc. at 609/654-6500 or [email protected] or visit

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