Publication of Jason Schenker’s The Author Institute method: the quick and easy way to become an author


Jason Schenker, founder of the Institute of Authors

Jason Schenker’s groundbreaking new book on becoming an author is The Author Institute Method: The Fast and Easy Way to Become an Author.

Becoming an author is a sign of leadership, authority and experience. In The Author Institute Method, I share my best strategies.

— Jason Schenker, Founder of the Institute of Authors

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, Feb. 2, 2022 / — Jason Schenker’s new book, The Author Institute Method: The Quick and Easy Way to Become an Author, has been published by Prestige Professional Publishing.

Founded in 2009, Prestige Professional Publishing LLC has published 35 books and plans to publish 11 more books this year. The company was founded to produce insightful and timely professional reference books.

The author’s institute method took two years to develop. It follows the creation of The Author Institute in 2020 and the mid-2021 launch of its training program with The Author Vault at

Jason Schenker, founder of The Author Institute and creator of The Author Institute Method, shared that “Books are the business cards of leaders. Leaders tell their stories and share their experiences. That’s why leaders write books. ”

The Author Institute is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 2020 by international bestselling author Jason Schenker to help leaders tell their stories, build their brands, and elevate their content marketing. Through online courses, templates and a fun tracker in The Author Vault, The Author Institute helps leaders write and publish comprehensive books to significantly increase their professional visibility, open up new career opportunities and empower them. position themselves as opinion leaders.

Schenker, who started using the hashtag #BecomeAnAuthor, shares the most important value propositions of authorship in his latest book. He notes that “becoming an author signals leadership, authority and experience. In the Author’s Institute method, readers learn to tell their story, write a complete book, and publish their book in a short time. If you want to direct, it’s time for you to become an author.”

You can order a copy of The Author Institute Method online here:

The Author Institute Method was published by Prestige Professional Publishing on January 28, 2022 and includes original research from The Futurist Institute.

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