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Tribune press service

Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar, November 21

Punjabi authors were of the view that the current generation of Indian and Pakistani writers are producing literature free from hatred and bigotry.

Yesterday, writers from the holy city exchanged ideas with their Pakistani counterparts at Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib in the Narowal district of Pakistan.

Short-story writer Deep Davinder, on his return to town here on Monday, said the writers were of the view that current writers do not subscribe to the idea of ​​one-upmanship and respect for all. He said Punjabi Pakistani authors Baba Nazmi and Afzal Sahir accept that authors over a century old have produced literature advocating hatred against other communities.

In fact, he said, they believed that the current generation of Punjabi writers followed the philosophy of Guru Nanak and Bulle Shah who insisted on maintaining harmony between communities through their creations. “They said that contemporary writers and poets generate their creations based on their philosophy.”

The Punjabi authors from two nations emphasized that the borders demarcating India and Pakistan can stand and they honor them, but the exchange of people and literature must continue uninterrupted.

Prominent novelist Baldev Singh Sadaknama and Kendri Sabha President Darshan Buttar were also part of the delegation. Members of both groups bowed down to the gurdwara and a nearby Majar. Baba Nazmi presented his magnificent ghazal “Tun kyon meri masjid Dhave, Mein kyon torhan mandir Nu”.

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