Qatar University Press stresses the importance of scientific and literary publication


Doha: Qatar University Press (QU Press) highlighted the importance of scientific and literary publishing and its role in civilized urbanization.

QU Press adopts the university’s goal of publishing various peer-reviewed scientific research and studies. Editing, design and production of books and scientific journals. In this regard, the company focuses on the prestigious publishing of print and digital books and scientific journals, as well as open access to some of them.

Teacher. Ali A. Alraouf, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Research and Development Advisor at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, and author of the book Architecture, Urbanism and a City after the Corona Pandemic, to be published by Qatar University Press “Creating an atmosphere of creativity, invention, independence and critical culture, encouraging research ideas and building perspectives and visions is part of knowledge production.

“As a result, we were not shocked to observe the scientists of development and economics agree to underline new transformations of the dominant economic conceptions, as well as the passage from a rentier economy to an agricultural economy and industrial. The current era is marked by countries and nations that have chosen to embrace the ideas of a knowledge and creative economy based on innovation and the production of minds rather than farms and factories. Consequently, the prosperity of new countries depends on the balance of creative minds, thinkers and researchers who develop information.

Alreem Aladba, Research Project Manager at QU Press, said, “The publication of scientific research is one of the most essential tools for the development of society and progress towards civilization. If one looks specifically at Qatar University Press, one sees that it is a scholarly publishing company in its own right. It supports, develops and publishes research in digital and print form, and specializes in the publication of books and articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals from various disciplines, including social sciences and humanities, applied sciences and others. As a result, it complements the other Qatari publishing houses, which are booming.

Mohamed Bousserghine, Acquisitions Editor at QU Press, highlighted the importance of scientific publishing, whether in peer-reviewed journals and periodicals or print and digital books, to achieve a civilizational leap in the fields scientific, especially when the subjects of knowledge studied vary and come next. with conclusions and ideas. QU Press, a non-profit publishing house established in 2018 by QU, is dedicated to promoting the dissemination of peer-reviewed and research-based publications in fields such as social sciences, humanities, STEM etc.


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