Queen’s bra fitter has royal warrant withdrawn after writing ‘revealing’ book


The monarch’s bra fitter was stripped of her royal tenure as official supplier after the owner wrote a ‘revealing’ book with information about the Queen.

Working with the Royals often brings an expectation of a level of stealth and privacy.

Rigby & Peller, a high-end lingerie company, fitted bras for Her Majesty, but was stripped of her title after owner June Kenton spoke out.

In her book, published in March 2017, the author wrote about fitting bras for a “half-clothed queen”.

In 2018, they were no longer the official “corsetiere” of the queen because of the book “Storm In AD Cup”, reports the BBC.

The book mentioned the adjustment of bras for a “half-clothed queen”

However, Ms. Kenton says the details of her book were “beautiful and sweet,” and it was simply her amazing life story.

She previously said: “I just wrote the story of my life, from WWII until now. It’s just a story of all the amazing things I’ve been lucky enough to experience.”

Asked about her comments on the Queen, she said they were “all very nice” and insisted that “this is not a kiss and a story at all”.

June Kenton, Rigby And Peller Underwear Director
June Kenton, Rigby And Peller Underwear Director

“I have never crossed the line,” she added. “There is nothing bad about the book at all.”

A spokesperson for Rigby & Peller said at the time: “The Royal Household Warrants Committee has decided to rescind the Royal Warrant granted to Rigby & Peller and Mrs June Kenton.

“Rigby & Peller is deeply saddened by this decision and is unable to elaborate further on the annulment out of respect for Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

The company said that
The company said “nothing bad” was included in the book

“However, the company will continue to provide exemplary and discreet service to its customers.”

However, one book the Queen and the Palace have approved of is that of her dresser and confidante Angela Kelly.

Angela, who was the daughter of a Liverpool docker, received the Queen’s support for her revealing book – The Other Side of the Room: The Queen, Dresser and Wardrobe.

The decision to support the book is unprecedented, proving how much she is loved by the Queen.

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