Quick and easy ideas from Elf on the shelf if you’re in a rush


Elf on the Shelf is a popular Christmas tradition that began in America after the publication of a children’s book of the same name.

The book is based on a family tradition of author Carol Aebersold for her twin daughters.

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The elf is Santa’s best friend and moves around different places at night.

There is a special set of rules for your elf on the shelf, including that he cannot speak and must return home for Christmas.

The elf on the shelf has received some criticism, including that it threatens the reliability of parents.

If you’re sticking with the whimsical tradition, but you’re strapped for fun ideas or in a rush, here are a few ideas for you.

Quick and easy ideas from Elf on the shelf if you’re in a rush

Elf on the Shelf Secret Codes – this is a great way to get your child’s brain working. Hints and codes can be fun with an Elf on the Shelf friend. All you have to do is print a few.

Elf on the Shelf Roasting Marshmallows – you need a candle, stick and mini marshmallows for this one. Be careful not to light the candle!

Elf on the Shelf getting down to the usual stuff

Elf on the Shelf swing – all this idea needs is a cardboard tube and a ribbon threaded through the tube. Perch your elf on it and glue each end of the ribbon and go!

Elf on the Shelf hiding in the cutlery drawer. This one will definitely keep your kids busy and is also a very simple solution!

Elf on the Shelf wrapping gifts – another easy solution, surround your elf in wrapped gifts, place a pen in his lap and go!

Elf on the Shelf reading books – a super sweet idea to collect your children’s toys as if they are listening to the story the elf reads to them.

Elf on the shelf making snow angels – pour in some rice, place your elf in the middle, make a quick snow angel in the rice and you are good to go!

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