Renowned Canadian author Christine J. Logan is popular for writing easy-to-read books for children.


Christine J. Logan writes visual, creative, and imagination-fueled books for children. She draws on her life experiences to combine a humorous story with exceptional illustrations and design to create books that delight children.

BC, Canada – Christine J. Logan is a prolific writer who knows how to capture the rhythms of children’s language in captivating stories. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Christine loves writing easy-to-read children’s books on a variety of topics. Her work focuses on things like Staying Positive (poetry), raising awareness of pet allergies (Holy Fruit Toots Rosie!), kindness and acceptance regardless of our differences (Because you care Beany Bear), and that we are never alone in our troubles and cherish your family and friends (guess).

Christine’s work includes a collection of stunning and moving poetry and creative and informative stories. She is a meticulous writer who can weave magic with her words by incorporating intricate details and interesting plots into her stories. Her books share a fresh perspective on self-discovery and family values ​​in a very creative and simple way that will keep kids captivated until the very end. The fascinating literature is a reflection of the author’s natural insight and abundant creativity. Christine infuses her vivid imagination while developing the characters and dialogues in the stories. Children will enjoy storybooks for their humor, authenticity and relativity.

Christine J. Logan began writing at the age of fifteen. She has used her education, career, and life experience extensively to create literature that speaks to readers. She also draws inspiration from her roles as a proud mother and grandmother.

Here is the opinion of a reader:

“Having a very trying and difficult childhood, surviving an abusive family life, and then overcoming it all to become a loving, giving adult and mother is not only about emerging transformed, but also about thriving. It’s a definition of a winner. And now sharing his life lessons, and his love, that’s generosity.

This is what defines Christine Logan in “Suppose”. It all boils down to getting to “know yourself”. She says it in prose, she says it in verse and she says it in drawings. A beautiful job by a beautiful person.

Christine has a way of making her readers feel fully connected to the characters in her books. Her storybooks will give free rein to the imagination of children and at the same time, they will instill in them the love of reading. Broad humor in expressive comic characters and playful language make Christine’s books fun to read aloud or on their own.

Book lovers and especially young readers will be enlightened and entertained by the incredibly rich and imaginative stories in Christine’s books.

Christine’s books are also translated into other languages.

About the Author

A dynamic and versatile personality, Christine J. Logan likes to multi-task and is brilliant at handling them all with magician’s finesse. She is a caring mother and grandmother, a devoted wife, an accomplished author, writer and storyteller, and a positive influencer.

After working many low-paying jobs, Christine decided to focus and embrace her love of writing. With beautiful illustrations, hilarious dialogue, amusing characters, and fun character interactions, his books promise to provide a good mix of information and entertainment for children.

Christine has been supporting people with disabilities since 2008 and self-publishing her books since 2011. She lives a simple life with her loving husband and their beautiful cat, Snow White.

Christine’s books are available for purchase online on her website

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