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With a book already under his belt, author and Corcoran native Ryan Minkoff is back with a children’s book: “Nora’s Hockey Dream”.

Minkoff’s writing journey began with a memoir about his life as a hockey player in Minnesota. He made the switch to children’s fiction with his new book “Nora’s Hockey Dream”. Although fictional, it is still based on the hockey experiences of Minkoff and his sister, Lauren, who was the only girl on a boy-only hockey team at the age of eight. As children, they both played for the Buffalo Youth Hockey Association. The book is also based on many of the players Ryan Minkoff has seen grow up, including members of the Minnesota Whitecaps.

“I used what my sister went through growing up, playing with the boys,” said Ryan Minkoff. “The story is a dedication to my sister and to many of the players I have watched.”

The book describes the journey of Nora, who has never attended or even played a hockey game before. When her parents take her to the Women’s Professional Hockey League Championship between the Booming Thunder and the hometown of Wicked Waves, Nora discovers a new passion. However, chasing her big hockey dream might be harder than she thinks.

The book is intended for children aged 6 to 12. It is endorsed by Team Canada captain and Cassie Campbell-Pascall of “Hockey Night in Canada”, US Olympic gold medalist Hannah Brandt and Minnesota Whitecaps captain Winny Brodt-Brown, with whom Ryan Minkoff s’ is interviewed to get their point of view on his book.

“I just hope the book has a positive impact,” he said. “I know from my own experience and growing up with my sister and being around a lot of female athletes, it was hard for them to slip. I think it’s good for women to know that they can take on challenges … I think it’s good for men and boys who are also growing up so that they can see from their point of view what ‘they can also get by [challenges]. “

The book took more than five years to complete. It started in 2015 when he was drafted after college by sports club Lapuan Virkia in Finland. While writing his first book, he had no idea he would write even a second, let alone a children’s book. Her sister is very flattered that the book is based on her.

“It was crazy to see where it started and where it ended,” said Lauren Minkoff. “It almost made me cry. It’s so cool to read the book and relate to it. It was cool reading the book over Thanksgiving with my family and knowing that its inspiration was from me. It was really meaningful. “

Perfecting the illustrations was one of the hardest things about making the book, said Ryan Minkoff. Lauren Minkoff has found how realistic and stunning the illustrations are.

“It’s not my full story, but it’s a very common story and I think the funniest part for me is that he sent a picture of me to his illustrator around the age of the daughter of the book, ”she said. “He worked hard to make sure the footage looked like real hockey players.”

Lauren Minkoff said it was really fun being on a boys’ team while she was growing up since she was there to play hockey and have fun and that’s what they did. It wasn’t without challenges, being the smallest player on the team, but she hopes the book inspires others.

“First and foremost, I hope they will enjoy [the book], “she said.” I hope they can find the courage and keep moving forward towards their goals. Nothing in life worthwhile is easy. Overcoming these challenges builds character and forges who you are and who you are. shows you perseverance, determination, self-discipline. As a girl in boys’ sport and as a girl in society with different things that we see every day, I hope they keep moving forward. “

Like Nora in the book, Lauren Minkoff felt inspired by female hockey players when she went to Gopher and Whitecaps games when she was little.

“I only played with the boys growing up and loved playing with the boys, but being the only girl makes it a bit more difficult,” she said. “These women that I was going to watch also grew up playing with boys, so they kind of guided me. They didn’t have to do that. I was maybe eight years old when I first met these women. This is what the story is about, these women who made a positive impact on me at such a young age.

The book is now available for purchase on Ryan’s website 83llc.com/books or the website of its publisher Mascot Books at mascotbooks.com. The book will also be available on Amazon on February 1.

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