Share your ideas to help shape Ireland’s future as part of the Create Our Future campaign


Submit your ideas before the end of November to help inspire future research and policy.

When you think about your future or that of your family in Ireland, what do you imagine? Do you see more emphasis on outdoor facilities due to the pandemic and our changing lifestyle? Or maybe you see Ireland doubling down on its scientific research for women’s health?

No matter what you imagine, now is the time to speak out in government Creating our future campaign.

Creating Our Future is a national brainstorm that brings us all to discuss the opportunities, challenges and hopes for the future of this country. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that the direction of research in this country is informed by the Irish people

So whether you have ideas for the future of healthcare, education, the arts, diversity and inclusion or more, you can submit your ideas for evaluation via the dedicated online portal which is open until the end of November.

Presented by Minister Simon Harris TD, this is the first time Ireland has conducted such a campaign, but similar exercises have been carried out in other European countries, perhaps most notably in the Netherlands.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the ideas that have already been submitted by the public:

  • Ireland needs more research on women’s health. Considering how neglected this is around the world and in Ireland. It would be a pioneering approach to set up a research group focused on women’s health: endometriosis, maternal health care, pregnancy and childbirth, breast cancer, menopause, etc. There are so many things that are overlooked that Ireland would strengthen its global profile as a leader. do such a thing. Also, women need a break!
  • For me and probably for many other wheelchair users, I would like more material science research so that I can buy some nice winter jackets without risking destroying them very quickly.
  • More research is needed on the economic, societal and regional benefits of a fishing community such as Killybegs. Along with more research on improving fishing infrastructure for fishing communities to enable them to be competitive and optimize natural resources. Researchers should also study the impact of fishing quotas on communities.

Over the past few months, hundreds of conversations have already taken place between researchers and members of the public at live and virtual events across the country.

You still have time to get involved by joining virtual events with Campaign Ambassadors Shane O’Donnell (Clare Hurler and Microbiologist), Eimear O’Neill (Home School Hub and RTE Today Presenter) and Emilie Pine (Drama Teacher modern UCD, and author of Notes à Soi).

Details of these activities are on the website –

What will be the result of creating our future?

Each idea submitted will be compiled and analyzed by independent experts from different backgrounds. The public contributions received will then be transformed into a report for the government, accompanied by comments and recommendations from experts.

Once the government has reviewed and considered the report, there are a number of possible outcomes, such as researchers using the report to inform their future plans; the information gathered could inform Irish research or innovation policies; and the findings could also lead to the provision of additional government funding in certain areas.

Over the past year, the pandemic has shown us the importance of coming together as a community and country, and it has also shown us the true value of thought, research and innovation combined in our lives. .

Ireland has long been hailed as “the land of saints and scholars” and the Creating Our Future campaign seeks to ensure that this wisdom continues to inform and shape our country for many years to come.

To learn more about Creating Our Future or to submit your idea, visit:


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