Silvers-Dudley Award Winners Announced


NEW YORK (AP) – Editors of The New York Times and The New Yorker, a Rome-based art expert and associate professor at the University of Oxford are among the first nine winners of the Silvers-Dudley Prizes for Criticism and journalism.

The awards are named after the late Robert Silvers, longtime editor of the New York Review of Books, and his partner, the late Lady Grace Dudley. The cash prizes total $ 135,000 for honors, announced Wednesday by the Robert B. Silvers Foundation, with individual awards ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 30,000.

“These awards largely recognize a type of writing that has long been underestimated in the literary award-giving economy – long-running criticism, intellectual essay, and artistic writing – as well as the penetrating journalism that Bob nurtured at the New York Review, ”author and foundation director Daniel Mendelsohn said in a statement.

Three laureates were nominated in each of the three categories: literary criticism, artistic writing and journalism.

The critics’ award recipients were Los Angeles-based writer Elaine Blair, Oxford Associate Professor Merve Emre, and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Becca Rothfeld.

The winners in artistic writing are New Yorker theater critic Vinson Cunningham, New York Times critic Jason Farago, and Rome-based Renaissance art critic Ingrid Rowland.

For journalism, the winners were Mexican writer Alma Guillermoprieto, London columnist Nesrine Malik and Berlin writer Thomas Meaney.

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