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I loved these anecdotes from Castro Carazo’s memoir “Huey Long: My Unforgettable Friend”.

As I mentioned earlier, the book is a project of his granddaughter Nina Carazo Snapp and writer Matt Isch.

After Castro wrote the music for “Every Man a King”, Huey appointed him LSU band manager (The Kingfish could do things like that).

After hearing a band in New York’s Central Park, Long, a music lover, told Carazo he wanted bassoons in the LSU marching band.

Castro dismissed this idea: “Reeds are very thin and sharp. If a musician missed a step while scrolling or stepped on a rock, etc., they could easily cut into his palate.”

Then, before an LSU-Manhattan College football game in New York, Castro offered to parade the group on horseback: “Their horses would have purple and gold ribbons on their manes and tails; the hooves would be golden gold. “

Huey dismissed that idea: “Castro, do you realize that the majority of musicians have never ridden a horse?”

I love this general!

Bill Huey of Baton Rouge adds to our stories of ROTC in college days:

“Ah, ROTC! The fun of it all. Hot sun, scratched head, overbearing morons, a sense of hopelessness (this was the Vietnam era).

“I was in both Army and Air Force ROTC so I could compare the two. At Air Force summer camp we ran 1, 5 miles every morning, as dictated by a new thing called “aerobics” by its inventor, Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

“One day, an Air Force general came for an inspection. Watching us run, he asked the program commander, ‘Do these men do this every day?’

“‘Yes, sir,’ the Major replied proudly. ‘Every morning at 5:30.

“‘Well, that’s way too much,’ said the general. ‘Three days a week should be enough.’

“When I heard this story, I knew I had joined a gentleman’s service.”

Bold does it

My mother always kept a metal container on the stove for bacon grease, to fry chicken, pork or veal cutlets, etc.

I assumed this stuff was too unhealthy for modern cooks, but after a reader told me he used bacon grease for a fake BLT, I heard from other people who were addicted to it :

Marieanne Arata of Waggaman says, “I was baking turkey wings in the oven. I always cover them with bacon, but to my dismay I was out of bacon strips.

“But I keep some bacon fat in the fridge. By spreading some on the bottom of the pan, I figured when it came time to baste the wings, the broth would then have the flavor of bacon.”

Special Persons Department

Esther Morrison of Baton Rouge celebrates her 93rd birthday on Thursday, October 13. She has been known as “Mrs. Dutch”, since the days when she and her husband, John “Dutch” Morrison, owned Dutch’s Lawnmower and Bicycle.

Do you have Bosco?

Fellow Sheldon Mickles takes time off from sports coverage to answer our Bosco chocolate syrup seminar:

“I’m way too young to remember Bosco,” he says.

And, after waiting for me to stop laughing, he adds, “You can get it on Amazon.”

With Bosco

Fans of “Seinfeld”, the best sitcom in the world, will remember an episode in which Bosco featured prominently.

The fifth reader to email me and describe this episode will receive a copy of my book, “Best of Smiley,” which isn’t as funny as Seinfeld — but damn it, it’s free.

Say what?

Alex “Sonny” Chapman of Ville Platte said: “Wednesday’s letter from Roger Wagonner about backwards reading of products on TV commercials makes me realize that I am way behind in my television skills. .

“I find it hard to understand what they are trying to sell, especially medical products.

“And I’m still confused about the connection between insurance and an emu.”

(But you’re NOT confused about the gecko?)


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