Strathmore’s Who’s Who global publication honors new members

Farmingdale, NY, April 14, 2022 –(– Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to honor its newest members who will be included in the next edition for their contributions and achievements in many areas listing.

About new members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce its newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and Online Website:

Merle J. Bushkin – Software
Tammy J. Fischer – Social Media
Steven S. Moseley–Agriculture
Anthony R. Tiller – Education
Manuel Arizola Sr.–Pest Control
Traci Nelson – Beauty
Jildy Teigren – Entertainment
Farid Chatur – Real Estate
Robert S. Davis – Legal
Debra Ann Berard – Healthcare
Andrae T. Ridi – HVAC
Tracie L. Mitchell–Education
Joan Leslie Brooks – Education
Elaine Johnson Copeland – Counsel
Michaela V. Andrews – Insurance
Aaron W. Spence II – Cleaning
Maritza Medina–Real Estate
Eric L. Edwards – Mortgage Banking
Jennifer S. Link – Real Estate
Linda J. Myers-Kalb – Healthcare
Sadija A. Smiley – Nonprofit
Marcos A. Medina — Sports
Kevin J. Lambert – Financial
Magdalena Sotelo – Education
Rowena Y. Hockett – Financial
Lauren Dragon–Editing/Art
Kenneth Tyler – Marketing
Roger J. Siegel–Health
James J. McCracken – Retail
Robert E. Koelsch – Alternative Energy
Kenneth S. Weitzman – Legal
Tiana R. Gasior–Health
Austin Hirschhorn – Legal
Matt W. Allen – Pest Control
Dedrick C. Doddy – Transportation
Michael M. Spresser – Religion
Mahasin C. Muwwakkil – Accounting
Karen M. Riscinto – Real Estate
Charles Pereyra-Suarez – Legal
Courtney B. Griffin–Transportation
Thomas M. O’Brien — Telecommunications
Farid N. Aridah – Marketing
David J. Lundell–Retail/Security Cameras
Michael F. Behm – Real Estate
Lisa S. Caleb – Education
Ronald C. Wagenseller – Construction
George R. Gros – Machine Rental Service
Paul E. Boolos–Government/Military/Engineering
Amanda L. Doss – Social Services
Joseph M. Davis — Government/Military
Malaika R. Burks — Fashion / Model
Nicholas J. Morrison – Real Estate
Loren W. Plotner–Government/Publishing
Jeff R. Bojeski – Packaging
Rebecca E. Clements – Nonprofit
Lolita A. Whitaker – Beauty
Everett E. Pate Sr.–Concierge Service
Denisa R. Smiles–Transportation
Miracle Reed – Nonprofit
Takako Johnson – Alternative Health Care
Michael H. Calhoun – Religion
Wayne Reeves – Taxes
Melinda A. Walker – Author
Hillary D. Lewis – Counsel
Duane A. Hollier – Healthcare
Hollin E. Hinkle – Real Estate
Brenda Wentworth – Education
Amparo Dallas – Community Service
Joseph A. Bolla – E-Commerce
John W. Milor – Utility
Antonietta Roy — Construction
Dale Griffis – Hospitality
Angela M. Murphy–Transportation
Jon Herres – Metal
Mary Jo Pinedo – Real Estate/Travel
Firas Jandali–Construction
Teri L. Herrell – Education
Carl R. Toersbijns – Counsel
Laura S. Ziebell–Health
Bonnie L. Deel – Retail/Gasoline
Senn Raphael – Sleep Systems
Ray T. Parker – HVAC
Daniel E. Kirsner – Music Production
Roy Y. Ditmore – Insurance
Leslie L. Lepak — Entertainment
Rebecca A. Banner – Healthcare
Harriet Louise Fraad – Mental Health
Michelle M. Vinezeano – Medicine
Neil Drevitson – Art
Eric S. Petrosky – Legal
Karen E. West – Financial
Lawrence Ikye Nwachukwu – Engineering
Don “Mutt” Meritt – Education/Research
Martha Utz – Healthcare
James Michael Copolo – Energy
James S. Bethel–Wholesale/Beverages
Esther Lenor Clair – Art
Christopher A. Yap – Staff
Nora L. Jarrell – Government
Douglas J. Lopez – Hospitality
Kelvin R. Roddy – Biopharmaceuticals
Larry U. Johnson-Redd – Education
Ira S. Cure – Legal
Mr. Paige Watt – Health Care
Lydia Sofia Rechy – Education
Jeremy L. Payne – Chiropractic
William W. Phrampus — Education
William James Fehr – Education
Norman A. Ferguson — Transportation
Mr. Saleem Akhter – Oil and Gas
Trish Ashe – Life Coaching
Nestor Guzman – Refuse
Juli A. Lund – Nonprofit
Dianna Higgins – Real Estate
Deborah A. Lee – Health Care
Andrea J. Asendio – E-Commerce
Kathy L. Horton — Government
Shelley J. Jones – Mental Health
Gail O. Crawford – Nonprofit
Innocentia O. Okere–Health
Kristin S. Sturdevant – Mental Health
Clarence J. Santini–Government/Health
Stephan A. Schwartz–Education/Author
Christal G. Gresham – Business Services
W. Ross Young – Financial
Jeffrey Roush – IT/Finance
Jeffrey Scott Lewis – Art
Carlos Diaz – Animal Rescue
Tina Guerrieri – Real Estate
Traci L. Nordin–Health
Theresa L. Kenan – Telecommunications
Greg E. Dye – Flooring
Jacquelyn P. Scarbary – Environment
Ronald R. Martel–Health Care Administration
Jo-Ann T. Hardwick–Education
Robert J. Saniscalchi – Author
Mikel Miller – Roofing
David R. Williams – Counsel
Robert C. Penland – Hospitality
James A. Wolf Jr. – Law Enforcement
Palle Jorgensen – Education
Adrienne Jones – Real Estate
Roger M. Fleming Jr.–Software
Henry Barraza Jr. – Automotive
Eric Migdal – Genealogy
Ben A. Cole – Musical Accessories
Angel R. Acosta – Beauty
Ginny L. Wiser – Education
Aiman ​​Abuosba – Gas Station
Paulette M. Yaswinski–Health/Dental
Kevin M. Donahue – Real Estate
Jason R. Rayburn – Building
Susan L. Krigbaum–Delivery/Logistics

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide sheds light on the professional lives of individuals from all major fields or sectors, including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment. Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is both an online publication and a hardcover publication where we provide current and relevant business information about our members. It is also a source of biographical information for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms around the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all the networking, exposure and recognition capabilities to potentially increase their business.


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