Strathpeffer-based author hosts HighlandLIT writing competition ceremony as winners revealed at Book Week Scotland hybrid event

Bob Pegg and HighlandLIT President Mark Williams.

The winners of the HighlandLIT 2021 writing competition read their work at a Hybrid Book Week Scotland event.

Held at both the Glen Mhor Hotel and on Zoom, participants were asked to write up to 500 words of prose or 20 lines of poetry on the theme of ‘Celebration’.

The awards were presented by Strathpeffer storyteller, songwriter and musician Bob Pegg, who chose the winning works and highly recommended pieces after an initial review by the HighlandLIT committee.

Bob Pegg said of the selection of winners: “I was looking for anything that brought a story or poem to life, anything that seemed fresh, intriguing, unexpected, sidestepping convention. “

HighlandLIT President Mark Williams said: “The evening was indeed a celebration of the works of so many talented writers living in our region, covering a wide range of interpretations of the theme, but all demonstrating our collective resilience in the face of the adversity that the pandemic has brought to all of us, but that has not cooled our spirits.

Bob Pegg, center, with Lilias Noble, left, and Gina O'Brien.
Bob Pegg, center, with Lilias Noble, left, and Gina O’Brien.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated for their contributions, and Bob Pegg for judging and organizing the event so well.”

In the prose section, the first prize went to Meg MacLeod, the second to Brenda Lawrence and the third to Georgina O’Brien.

Stewart Struthers and Rhiannon Stradling were highly congratulated.

In the poetry sections, the first prize went to Lynn Valentine, the second went to Lilias Noble, and the third went to Meg MacLeod. Jayne Austin and Tim Williams were highly congratulated.

The evening ended with a reading of some of his own work by Bob Pegg.

The winning entries were posted on the HighlandLIT website at

The student is the first recipient of the Peter May Prize

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