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Hello Broadway World!

Phew, it’s been a whirlwind four months, and I can’t believe May is right around the corner. My 2022 has been a theater-filled extravaganza; an Equity production, a student-led production, my school’s musical, two different local variety shows, preparing for performance and playwriting competitions, and planning my school club’s end-of-year celebrations. theater.

Against my best attempts, my theatrical roller coaster came to a halt – a common problem for college students looking for affordable theater during the summer: that familiar – horrific dry spell. I’ve encountered the excruciating period between shows where no rehearsal schedule clutters your schedule, no last-minute tech days to paint the loom on the horizon, and no scramble to arrange the perfect biography for the program exists. . I can’t speak for all of my readers, but… it’s no fun.

For me, I was without production for twenty-seven days. Don’t let the word “free” fool you, this is no pity, no otherwise hectic lifestyle vacation of my choice; it is an affliction. Now, readers, I will admit that I may be exaggerating to some degree, I haven’t wasted away. I was jam-packed with studying for AP exams, standardized tests, and preparing for my senior year.

When I got to high school, I discovered something about myself: I like to keep busy. My calendar is color coded, with each color representing everything from marching band practices to dentist appointments. COVID has helped me realize this tenfold side of myself, being locked inside has pushed me to drastic measures… (see below).

Student Blog: Rolling with the Roller Coaster - Storybook Edition

After three months of non-stop productions, having no show date on my calendar is disorienting, and as a side effect, my momentum has gone wrong. When you’re so used to a model, having that stand stolen can affect the other cogs in the machine. Alas, I am at a loss for words; words for my project, words for this blog. So instead, if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you a story. Before I close the tab, I promise my future blogs will have more substance, more flavor, and the truth about their author’s inner workings and her relationship to the art she adores. In this blog post, however, I would like to tell a story:

Student Blog: Rolling with the Roller Coaster - Storybook Edition

Once upon a time there was a tiny little dragon with glittering red scales and a snout too small for real fire to break out – of course that didn’t stop the dragon from trying, puffing, puffing and puffing hot air, but all that escaped was a flicker, the light of a birthday candle. The tiny dragon spent its days in the sun, scampering under the trees and flying with the birds, its wings outstretched against the force of the wind, waving back and forth and up and down, encircling the sky with quivering shutters.

Student Blog: Rolling with the Roller Coaster - Storybook EditionOn one particular day, the tiny dragon glided through the clouds, its scarlet scales contrasting against the blue of the sky. Admiring their home from afar, they dove higher and higher, gazing at the evergreen trees, the leaves reaching for the sunlight and the shining ponds full of fish, the water like stained glass, revealing life just below the surface . The summer heat seeped through the tiny reptile, forcing them to land to drink water. Just as the dragon glued its snout to the pond…


The dragon froze. A blink, another. Was it…a voice? Talk to them ? A slow rotation of the head and the dragon blinked again. A dark-haired human child with a shy smile waved at them with wiggly fingers.

“Hi, Mr. Dragon, I saw you flying in the sky and well…” The child’s eyebrows furrowed in contemplation. “Well, I figured flying must have made you hungry! »Student Blog: Rolling with the Roller Coaster - Storybook Edition

The little reptile couldn’t believe his ears; Was this child really not afraid? Aren’t all humans afraid of dragons? The tiny dragon was sure there was a rule about that somewhere. A large, glossy-bound book titled “Rules for Stories” with Rule #1 being “Start with Once Upon a Time” and Rule #2 being “Humans Are Afraid of Dragons”. Except…well, the dragon assumed knights were an exception to that rule, so maybe…

The child rocked back and forth on his heels, ruffling brown curls and tugging at a polka dot shirt.

Maybe this little human been a knight. (The tiny dragon, after all, had never met a knight before.) But… the child was terribly small. And then, again, the dragon too, which meant… Yes! That was it, the reptile suddenly realized, this knight was their Knight! A little knight for a tiny dragon.

With that firmly established, the dragon nodded. In truth, all that stealing made them pretty hungry. A rumble in their stomachs assured their decision.

The knight smiled and took out a blanket and a basket. “Perfect, because I brought a picnic big enough to share!Student Blog: Rolling with the Roller Coaster - Storybook Edition

From the basket came an assortment of sweets; soft bread and blueberry muffins, sliced ​​fruit and scones. The human smoothed the checkerboard blanket and patted a spot next to them: a spot just the right size for the dragon.

Maybe somewhere in the big, shiny-bound rulebook there was something about all the knights and dragons having to fight, but the tiny little dragon decided that – since no one was watching – he was normal to break that rule for a really good muffin.

The end.

The ending phrase And they lived happily ever after printed on a page of paper inside an old vintage typewriter.  Macro close-up.

For all the bumblebees like me, breathe. It’s okay if the momentum stutters or quits, and when it does, find something else that brings you joy.

Signature – Spencer Wareing


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