Tadem Press announces its first publication, Memoirs of a Soldier about the Days of Tragedy


A new imprint, Tadem Presslaunched its inaugural publication: Bedros Haroian’s A Soldier’s Memoirs of Tragedy Days. Tadem Press is dedicated to addressing the dearth of primary sources, especially in English, on the Armenian Genocide.

A Soldier’s Memoirs of Tragedy Days offers a first-hand account of the defining events of the 20th century: the Armenian Genocide and the decisive battles of the First World War. Sergeant Major Bedros Haroian was born in 1894 in Tadem, a remote village in the Ottoman Empire. Within a year of Haroian’s birth, Sultan Abdul Hamid would order the great massacres that would devastate Haroian’s family, village and community. Haroian is passionate about achieving justice and retaliation for his Armenian community. When drafted in World War I, he eagerly enlisted to learn the military skills necessary to defend his people. Haroian fights on the front lines, including the brutal Battle of Sarikamish. He then found himself consigned to a work battalion with other Armenian conscripts. He soon discovers that his duties include burying – at gunpoint – the piles of Armenian Genocide corpses. Haroian escapes to the Kurdish Underground Railroad of Dersim. He gains the trust of the Kurds and joins their Dersim Rebellion of 1916. Armenian commanders of the Russian Imperial Army are looking for fighters for their battalions. Haroian went to Tbilisi and joined the Armenian volunteer forces under General Andranik who succeeded, against all odds, in founding the First Republic of Armenia on May 28, 1918. Haroian eventually joined the Armenian legionnaires in the French Foreign Legion to protect the rest of the Armenian community. in southern Turkey.

the Memoirs of a soldier on the days of tragedy includes a compelling afterword by a genocide scholar Fatma Müge Göcek, author of Denial of violence: Ottoman past, Turkish present and collective violence against Armenians, 1789-2009. Gil Harootunian, Fulbright Scholar (Armenia), writes an insightful Editor’s Forward.

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