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Ready for a list of the ten best writing podcasts? Writing is often such a lonely business. It’s you and the blank page or the blank screen and… nobody else. This seems especially true when you’re unpublished (me raising my own hand and waving it wildly). Writing podcasts offer lots of useful tips, important information, and insight into both writing and publishing as professions.

They can also make you feel less alone on your writing journey.

After graduating from MFA, I turned to podcasts to stay connected to the writing community. I have learned so much from listening to these hosts and their many, many guests. From what revising and resubmitting means to tips on how to peel off when writer’s block comes up. And really, the most important thing I’ve learned is that there isn’t just one way to be a writer. Literally, everyone’s journey through the writing life seemed different. Through queries, editors’ rejections, and countless new drafts, I’ve returned to podcasts when I’m feeling lonely or unmotivated. They also inspired me when my writing is going well.

From interview shows and readings to publishing tips, there is the best writing podcast that fits every step of the writing process. To show creativity! Feel inspired! And start listening to the writing podcast of your choice!

first podcast logo project

First version with Sarah Enni

It started in 2014, when host Sarah Enni took a trip across the country to interview her favorite YA writers. Since then it has expanded to interviewing writers in many mediums, genres and categories. Sarah’s interviews go back to the writers’ childhood and cover all aspects of the creative and editorial journeys of her guests. As a writer herself, Sarah brings a lot of insight into how everyone’s writing path can be different. His mini-series break, Track changes, is a must-have for writers looking to publish. It goes through all the details of the traditional publishing process. She’s covered everything from agents to contracts and advances to marketing and advertising.

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips

Grammar Girl: Simple and Practical Tips for Better Writing

If you enjoy getting into the fine details of writing or looking to brush up on your grammar rules, this writing podcast is for you. The episodes are typically short in the 10-20 minute area and cover topics ranging from semicolons and adverb removal to grammar to hacker jargon. Some episodes also feature short interviews with authors. And with over 700 episodes, this backlist will occupy your ears for a long time.

Writers Routine Podcast Logo

The writer’s routine

Get inspired by discovering the daily routines of working writers! Dan Simpson hosts this interview show, where he asks the published writers to describe how they structure their daily routines to maximize their creativity. One thing that stands out is how different authors can be in terms of how often they write, what time of day, and many other factors. This writing podcast truly shows that there is no single recipe for success. Instead, it’s about finding out which process works best for you as a writer.

Logo for the #AmWriting podcast

#Am writing

Hosts Jessica Lahey, KJ Dell’Antonia, and Sarina Bowen all have amazing writing tips for writers and journalists. This podcast is a mix of interviews and advice episodes, with topics ranging from crafting tips and publishing tips to discussions on how to build a community of writers. They also explore a wide variety of writing categories instead of sticking to one lane. From memoirs to fiction to food journalism and so many other types of writing. There is so much to learn from this writing podcast.

Deadline city podcast logo

Limit city

Authors Dhonielle Clayton and Zoraida Córdova speak about writing, editing, publishing, and many different aspects of writing life. They often invite their friends and colleagues over to discuss everything from the future of publishing to burnout to professional jealousy. Together they have 40 books published or under contract, so these are two experienced authors that all writers should listen to!

DIY MFA Radio Podcast Logo


Gabriela Pereira wants to make the MFA experience more accessible through her weekly interview podcast. His interviews with authors, agents, editors and other professionals in the publishing industry are designed to mirror a series of MFA lectures. This podcast mixes discussions of writing as a craft and discussions of publishing as a business, with some truly awesome guests like Emma Straub, Sarah Dessen, and Jojo Moyes.

The self-publishing show podcast logo

The self-publishing fair

Mark Dawson is a successful self-published author. He created successful marketing, advertising and sales strategies for his books that saw him quit his 9 to 5 job. Mark hosts this podcast with James Blatch, a more recent author who represents the first writing experience. . With over six years and 300 episodes of tips and tricks, this is one of the best writing podcasts to listen to for writers interested in self-publishing.

Fated Mates podcast logo

Companions of fate

Love story writers should definitely check out the Fated Mates podcast. It is hosted by romance writer Sarah MacLean and romance critic Jen Prokop. Their first season they did a Kresley Cole read Immortals After Dark Series. Since then, they’ve covered just about everything in the world of love, from readings of their favorite romance novels to recommendations for book tropes and discussions of love publishing trends. Plus Sarah and Jen are hilarious, fiercely feminist, and so much fun to listen to every week!

88 Cups of Tea Podcast Logo

88 cups of tea

This is one of my favorite writing podcasts. Host Yin Chang interviews creative storytellers in each episode. While the show started out with a high concentration of YA writers as guests, the focus widened to include writers from many categories as well as screenwriters, filmmakers, poets, editors, writers, literary agents, etc. Yin Chang is such a genuine host that he leads to some truly deep and nuanced conversations. The podcast is currently on hiatus, as Yin Chang tackles food insecurity among Asian American seniors in New York City through Dinner heart. However, there are over 100 episodes in the podcast’s backlog to listen to while you wait for 88 Cups of Tea to return.

The Riot Book Podcast

Riot Book: The Podcast

Stay on top of publishing trends and news with this weekly talk show hosted by the editors of Book Riot. From reading habits during a pandemic to publisher mergers to changing sales numbers, this is a great podcast for writers who want to stay in the know. For more information on weekly new book releases, see All books. Or if you want to keep up to date on specific genres, listen up Hi you for information on young adults, Read or dead for mysteries and thrillers, When in romance for novelists, and finally SFF Yeah! for science fiction and fantasy information.

I predict you’ll find a new favorite among this list of the best podcasts for writers. But if you are looking for more, I suggest you browse this list of book podcasts for more literary listening pleasure!


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