The new job is the best job


This month I starred in the premiere of a play written as an adaptation of a movie. This experience reminded me how much I love working on new work as an actor and the opportunities that this creates. I realized that much of my time in college as well as my growth was focused on new work, from original roles to writing material, and I really enjoyed every process. The journey with a new piece or a new story is unlike any other time, and I truly treasure the ability I have to participate in such exciting and monumental times.

Creating a character is one of my favorite parts of working on original content. Much of the world-building and storytelling is designed from the solid foundation of characters, and these individuals are the most concrete start of a process. While there is a baseline of what the writer and director intend to do with any given character, the actor has so much freedom when first presenting a role. The decisions individuals make regarding the actions of their characters serve to inspire the path of the play as well as what is expected of the role in the future. There is always room to grow, but the start is always the most exciting time filled with exploration as well as interactions to find the character’s true voice and how he interfaces with the world around him.
I also have a strong passion for themes and ideas that contemporary material can share with a larger community. This current work gives the pulse of what society needs, in terms of “why this story and why now”, and I am honored to be a part of this discussion. Every first is a step towards change, and it’s amazing to build that ladder of discovery and growth. Breaking boundaries and inspiring audiences, being part of a new job is a rewarding process that seems gradual as well as an understanding of the current state of the world.
The energy of an audience watching a new piece is unlike any other atmosphere. While there is always an individual who discovers a classic for the first time, when the work is brand new it allows each client to have this inspiring and refreshing experience. There is a lot of excitement as the audience perches on the edge of their seats as no one knows what’s going to happen next. I love how the premiere of the material can engage audiences in a different way and really inspire change, as individuals are open to hearing this concept for the first time as well as fully hooked to the new material.

I find myself working on new arts over and over again, and I really enjoy every experience I have of it. Whether it’s creating a role, making a difference, and shocking audiences, original content plays an exciting role in popular theater today. There is always more to push and more to explore, and new work really allows me to play with limits and make free choices. I highly recommend everyone to experience a new process at some point in their training, and while it can be intimidating, it provides such satisfying rewards for everyone involved.


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