The representative collaborates with other regional theaters on the “artistic caucus”

  • A 2017 Hamlet repertory theater production.

Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, and the District of Columbia all come together through theater: The Repertory Theater of St. Louis announced today that it will join a year-long arts caucus. Four theaters, including the Rep, have hired a group of independent artists who will participate as key elements of the artistic development teams of each of their institutions.

The artistic caucus is made up of theater artists other than traditional playwrights or literary directors. Members will research projects, read new plays and proposals, and facilitate new relationships with artists on behalf of theaters.

The Woolly Mammoth Theater Company in Washington, DC, the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, and the Baltimore Center Stage in Maryland all joined in the caucus representative. A press release details the four artistic directors of color – Hana Sharif of the Rep, Stephanie Ybarra with Baltimore Center Stage, Jacob Padron of the Long Wharf Theater and Maria Goyanes of the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company – in these theaters formed a cohort after being appointed to their positions with the goal of “creating artistic hotbeds across the country” that are intersectional, inclusive and focused on the liberation of all.

“The four of us have been officially working in these positions for just a few years, but we’ve collaborated informally throughout our careers,” the art directors said in a press release. “Our field has long operated through organic relationships. Formed among theater makers, and this Artistic Caucus is our latest way to name and leverage this trend. By combining our intellectual and financial resources and increasing the interconnection to all artistic levels of our organizations, we are able to forcefully multiply to launch our doors open even more – evolving the way we bring artists in our communities towards more equality, more transparency, more accessibility, more confidence and more abundance. ”

A press release states that the caucus’s goal is to “support artistic development in the four theaters by making room for more entry into artistic development pathways, more points of contact for artists, more voices in the room and more visions of what theater can be He adds that by creating this caucus, the four theaters “are actively opening up the often competitive and opaque artistic development process of our industry by engaging artists to help identify projects, by remunerating them for their expertise and by positioning the different artistic priorities for each. organization as a place of strength and cooperation.

One of the arts caucus, Adil Mansoor, agrees.

“I am especially delighted that the caucus brings together a range of people interested in the conservation disruption,” Mansoor said in the press release. “I appreciate that the strategies and deliverables for our work together have not been predefined and are falling out of our time together. It’s exciting to experience a conservation model that looks like a design process and encourages emerging possibilities. “

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