The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira Co-Writing Rick & Michonne Spinoff


Ancient Walking Dead star Danai Gurira will soon return to the franchise as the star of one of many upcoming spin-offs. However The Walking Dead coming to an end with the conclusion of its eleventh and final season, the universe will continue to expand for quite some time to come. Various spinoffs are currently in the works, and among them is a miniseries centered on Michonne (Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the former lovers who were separated in the show’s ninth season.

For a new profile on Gurira for Self, Walking Dead Producer and screenwriter Scott M. Gimple reveals how involved she is with her spinoff, which she says will be a “prestige miniseries.” She is co-creator and writer of the series alongside Gimple, which allows her to bring her own creative touch to the end of Michonne’s story. Gimple explained how the writing process went with Gurira and he finds the way they challenge each other satisfying.


“She challenges me, I challenge her, and neither of us lets the other off the hook,” he says. “In life, I’m more of a character actor; Danai is a track. When we’re working, when we’re pitching, when we’re going about things in life, it’s a good combo.

He added, “[She’s] incredibly creative and ambitious. [Danai] wants to do new signature work – things that currently don’t exist. She doesn’t want to settle down. It is the best creative energy there is.

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The Rick and Michonne spin-off will be a love story

It was previously reported that the plan for the untitled Rick and Michonne spin-off was to run for six episodes. This follows the initial idea of ​​developing the story as a trilogy of feature films. We can assume that the miniseries will finally reunite the two lovebirds, as Gurira previously teased that it was a love story of the most epic proportions.

“There’s a spinoff coming out that we’re in pre-production,” she said. “We’re having a great time. It’s a lot of work, a lot of work. Well, it’s an epic love story. It’s a love story between Rick and Michonne, because we know they were together and broke up. is this story, this journey between the two of them with a very raging world around them.”

No release date has been set for the Rick and Michonne spin-off series. Meanwhile, more Daryl Dixon will also be explored with a separate spin-off about the popular survivor, and another limited series will follow Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). There is more Fear the living dead in the works as well, and self-contained stories set in this world are also explored through the anthology show Tales of the Living Dead.


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