The Weymouth author celebrates the publication of his first novel


AN AUTHOR has just had his first adult novel published – having worked out many of his plot ideas while jogging.

Upwey’s Kate Kelly celebrates the release of her new thriller, The Sleepers. Writing as KM Kelly, his novel is an action-packed thriller with assassins, conspiracies and spies.

Marine scientist Kate works for a local tech company and is married with two grown daughters.

She said: “When I’m not writing I’m running. I’m a member of the Dorset Sole Sisters and find running is the perfect time to clear my mind and work out story ideas, plots and characters. . I have my best ideas when I’m out running.”

Kate’s first novel was the popular young adult climate fiction novel, Red Rock.

The Sleepers follows two very different characters, Corran, a somewhat incompetent secret agent, and Sylvie, the woman he thinks is saving, whose lives are brought together by a list of names on a piece of paper, and Sylvie’s name is above. .

Kate said: “I first had the idea for The Sleepers while on vacation in France. There was a mysterious castle near our house, surrounded by fences and cameras, and I couldn’t get over it. prevent me from wondering what was going on there to justify security.

Corran and Sylvie’s adventure also takes them across the UK, from the wild Scottish Highlands to the South West. And always the assassin is on their heels.

says Kate. “I’ve always loved thrillers. They’re extremely popular at the moment, so I decided to turn to writing myself. I was delighted with how quickly it found a home , from an independent publisher.

She added, “The invention of the ebook reader has opened up a world of opportunity for authors and enables small publishers to reach their audience.”

Kate’s biggest challenge with The Sleepers was finding the time to write.

“But if you want to do something badly enough somehow, you take the time,” she said. “Also, with writing, the time spent physically in front of a keyboard is only part of the time. I spend a lot of time thinking, you could say daydreaming, but I think that all of that counts as well. ‘writing.”

The Sleepers is available on Amazon (ebook and paperback).


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