These are the 7 most viral haircut ideas on TikTok


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I know TikTok is kinda famous for its viral dances and genius makeup tricks, but if you haven’t found yourself on the TikTok haircut yet, you’re seriously missing out on some major haircut inspiration. For example, if you’ve ever struggled to convey to your hairstylist exactly what you want through all the jargon and jargon, that’s where TikTok comes in. Instead of a vague Pinterest photo that doesn’t shows only one side of the hair , I argue that nothing is more effective than a TikTok haircut video that shows the front, back and all the angles and movements.

So on your next hairdresser appointment, pull out your phone and pull up TikTok Hairstyle videos to show your hairdresser the idea you are looking for. Haven’t registered any yet? We have some suggestions for you below. If you don’t want just any old haircut and you’re looking for *THE* haircut, keep scrolling.

Meet the experts:

1. Layers of the 90s

The year 2022 might as well be the year 2002 with the resurgence of all Y2K Fashion Trends, but it’s the ’90s that we can thank for haircuts like the one shown here. Hairdresser Marwa Bashir previously Recount Cosmos that the long layers of the 90s will make a comeback for 2022, and if TikTok is any indication, that prediction is absolutely correct.

Soft layers give the hair lots of volumetrendy body and movement from 90s hair commercials (if you were there to remember it). Minimal downward layering keeps the ends nice, full and bouncy. Celebrity Extensionist Priscille Valles previously Recount Cosmos bring out the jumbo hot rolls jump in this trendy puffed look with thickin layers, medium length Hair.

2. Curtain blow or bottleneck blow

The nature of trends is that they go in and out of style, but curtain bangs are a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. “I love how versatile they are because they work on all face shapes and hair types but also add volume and body to the hair,” says hairstylist Annagjid “Kee” Taylor. “I think curtain bangs are so fun because there’s so much room to play with style and length to really customize it.”

For example, curtain fringe have been trending for a while and really need no introduction, but the bottleneck bangs, a slightly different take on TikTok’s favorite bangs, might do just that. This ’70s style bang splits in the middle, but is shaped to create the look of a bottleneck with longer pieces on the sides and slightly shorter pieces right in the middle to really frame the face.

For styling, Taylor suggests brushing your curtain bangs with a round brush away from your face. Once dry, part and style your hair as you normally would. “Make sure you are using a heat protector on your hair to seal in moisture and to avoid frizz“, says Taylor.

3. Face-framing layers

Taylor especially loves curtain bangs when paired with face-framing layers, which are front-parting pieces that start somewhere around your cheekbones or jawline and gradually get longer. “For my natural girls, don’t be afraid to rock every style with your curls, as these are versatile cuts, they work for all types of loops and textures“, says Taylor. “For the framing of the face layersi would suggest using the same method for a bouncy blowout, just seal the final look with a bit of hair spray.”

4. U Shape Haircut Ideas

Don’t forget the back! We usually show our hairstylists’ inspirational photos from the front, but photos from behind are just as important and another reason why TikTok haircut videos are so helpful in getting exactly the look you want. This U-shape (meaning it is longest in the middle of your back and gradually gets shorter towards your shoulders) with long layers in the back, feathered ends and face framing pieces is the one you will see all over TikTok for those who have longer hairand we fully understand why.

5. Wispy bangs from TikTok

Unlike curtain bangs, with wispy bangs the goal is to style your bangs towards your face with a round brush or roller to create lightness and volume. But just like curtain bangs, wispy bangs go great with face-framing pieces and long layers at the back. Izquierdo before Recount Cosmos this fringe is great for highlighting facial features and creating more body so your hair doesn’t lay flat against your face and can flow more freely.

6. Blunt Bob Haircut Ideas

Valles has already said Cosmos one thick, short haircut with a central part or the heavy side part will be a huge hair trend for 2022, so if you’re thinking of going shorter, this is your sign. Layers are clearly having a moment, especially on the TikTok haircut, but the celebrity hairstylist Weezy previously predicted in a Cosmos article that the brutal cut would be huge for 2022, and we couldn’t agree more.

As a hairdresser Leo Izquierdo previously explained in Cosmos articlea blunt cut holds the weight of the hair at the ends, which crestores the appearance of thicker, healthier hair as opposed to a very textured look which makes the hair thinner towards the ends.

7. The TikTok Wolf Cup

If you somehow missed it, one of the biggest hair trends on TikTok has been giving you a shag haircut aka the wolf cut and while we might not recommend trying to cut your own hairwe totally agree super choppy haircut with lots of volume and texture is a trend to try.

There’s a lot that goes into getting the right cut, like cutting on wet or dry hair, so be sure to see a pro to get the look you want the first time. “When hair is wet, it stretches, so if you cut your bangs when they’re wet, you’ll probably end up cutting them too short and you won’t know until they’re dry“, hairdresser and colorist Meri Kate O’Connor already said Cosmos.

Last tip

If you’re not ready to make a big change and want to see how the trends pan out before you do anything drastic to your hair, Taylor tells try one wig with the look you want to really see if the style suits you without commitment. “At the end of the day, as long as you’re having fun and expressing yourself, that’s all that matters,” Taylor says. I get it? Good. Now let’s go to the living room!

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