Tiffany M. Simmons Recounts the Hardest Part of Writing ‘The Plugs Lawyer’


Tiffany Simmons, Esq., author of “The Plug Lawyer” [Photo courtesy Anthony Floyd, Af Shots]

Tiffany M. Simmons is a licensed attorney who has practiced law in Atlanta for 13 years. Simmons, known as “The Plugs Lawyer”, represents those without a voice in the community, ensuring they are heard in the courtroom. In addition to Simmons being a prominent crusader in the quest for justice for all, the Grand Rapids native is also an author. Simmons’ book, titled The traffic jam lawyer, is a memoir of her life as a lawyer.

What was the hardest part of writing The traffic jam lawyer?
The hardest part of writing this book was actually writing the book; let me explain. The traffic jam lawyer is loosely based on situations in my life growing up. I started writing the book in 2003 maybe [or] 2004 and didn’t release it until 2017. Most people would have given up, but I was living the life that would inspire the character of Tia, so I knew I had to take my time. I had to allow time for God to dictate the release of the book. The hardest part was having the patience and the tenacity to see my dream through to the end. But my God… I’m grateful that the world loves the story of Tia Jones.

What advice can you offer others who want to become authors?
I advise writers to do this, myself included. When God gives us an assignment to write or share a story, the assignment stays with the author until it is completed. Moreover, the desire rarely leaves when you know that you are destined to create as an author. No matter how many years you’ve held back the idea, the characters, the plot, someone needs to see your “assignment.” Do it. You are clinging to a gift that you need to share with the world.


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