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In this episode, Tim Jones-Yelvington (Don’t force me to do something we’ll both regret) talks to us about their new book, writing about sex, working to access a more traditional narrative form, their work in contributing to social movements, the influence of pop culture, their camp authors favorites, and more!

From the episode:

The type of sexual or eroticized writing that I enjoy the most is when there’s real heat, and I think in order to achieve that, I don’t write it experimentally, in terms of reflecting on a real encounter. I have to do something with language, where it’s like the affect of language – a poet can approach it with sound, for example. I’ll find some kind of text generator tool, or something to get a language to play or work with that I can then explain how it’s used.


Tim Jones-Yelvington is the author of the fiction volumes Don’t force me to do something we’ll both regret (Texas Review Press), This is a dance movie! (Little hardcore press), Strike a Prose: Memoirs of a Literal Diva Extraordinary (co•im•press), and Evan’s house and the other boys who live there (Rose Metal Press), and poetry volumes Become on Your face (DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press) and Colton Behavioral Therapy (Gazing Grain Press).


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