Tricia D. Wagner Celebrates Songwriting Wonder in “Set the Night Singing”


Set the Night Singing, by Tricia D. Wagner

Tricia D. Wagner, Photo Author

Tricia D. Wagner, author

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Tricia D. Wagner’s latest album, Set the Night Singing, is a collection of 44 poems celebrating the wonder of writing, in homage to the muse.

We desperately need the physical world, the sensations, the slightest texture, a reminder that we are mortal. In these poems you will find balm, your hope to find hope.

—Nina Schuyler, author of The Translator

ROCKFORD, IL, USA, April 14, 2022 / — Tricia D. Wagner defines herself not only as a writer, but as an “artist of history”. His latest release, a chapbook collection of 44 poems, demonstrates why. Each poem, rich in art and lyricism, attracts the reader and transports him through a little tale. Some of the journeys are as fast as the glint of the sun on the sea – in others Wagner guides the reader to levitate for a moment inside the beauty of language.

Wagner defines the muse as the characters who populate her narrative worlds, and it is to them that she dedicates this collection. His chapbook talks about the value of challenge and the value of seeing pain as a tool to create art. And nature – many of these poems highlight the bounty that nature lends as inspiration for the artist’s art and healing.

The musicality of these poems attracts the reader, like a hook in a story. Their openings are full of energy and promise – an invitation to dance. Some have a sense of syncopation, like jazz. Others are as sweet as a nocturnal sonata. And all of them invite the reader to enter Wagner’s creative space, to feel the movement of inspiration and the stroke of joy of discovering worlds through words.

In this collection, Wagner demonstrates his masterful mastery of the art of poetry. Words are not only beautiful to the ear, but to the heart. She helps the reader feel the hope that she herself feels, even when she writes against the backdrop of pain.

In these poems, Wagner plays on themes present in his novels and short stories, including the search for oneself and the freedom to discover one’s inner strength. And she celebrates the potential of art to bring healing and help us survive.

Fans of literary fiction, poetry, and nature writing will enjoy the lyrical journey of creation that Tricia D. Wagner crafted in Set the Night Singing.

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