Twitter begins testing new ‘CoTweets’ feature in Canada


Twitter today announced that Canada will be one of three test markets for “CoTweet”, a new feature that will allow you to publish co-authored Tweets simultaneously on the profiles of the authors and on the feeds of their followers.

Twitter says it’s experimenting with CoTweet “as a way for two authors to share the limelight, showcase their contributions, and engage with more people.”

“At the end of this experiment, we may disable this feature and any CoTweets created may be deleted,” the social media company notes.

When two authors decide to CoTweet, the first step is to finalize the content they want to share. Twitter recommends using direct messages to collaborate.

After sending a CoTweet invitation, the co-author can accept or decline the invitation. If the CoTweet is accepted by the co-author who received the invitation, the CoTweet posts to each author’s profile and their followers’ timelines.

If the CoTweet invitation is declined, the CoTweet invitation is deleted.

You’ll recognize a CoTweet when you see two authors’ profile pictures and usernames in the header. More information about the new feature can be found here.


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