Using technology to improve students’ writing skills


Writing is not a walk in the park. Even the most experienced writers struggle to create amazing content. Writing takes time, willpower and persistence. Although it takes years to develop and improve writing skills, this process can be accelerated using technology. There is a lot of technological tools that make the writing process easier and more fun for the students. While not all tech tools work for all students, there are many tools out there and everyone has something that works for them. Here are some ways college students can use technology to improve their education and writing skills.

1. Check and eliminate plagiarism

To write an amazing essay, you need to credit your sources the right way. Otherwise, you will be submitting plagiarized work. Plagiarism is a crime with serious consequences. You can end up losing a lot of points, or worse, get suspended. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs. Luckily, it’s easy to make sure your work isn’t plagiarism-free with plagiarism checkers. Using a plagiarism checker will allow you to submit 100% original work. You will be convinced that your task is your original work.

2. Create a blog and write academic articles

Having a blog will allow you to try out different learning styles and determine what works for you. Since most blogs are used privately, you can try out a wide range of writing styles without worrying about whether other people will see them. You can buy college papers at studyclerk and post them, write about your hobbies or challenge yourself to write something you don’t know. Writing is a skill that you can improve over time with practice and consistency. A blog will allow you to write academic papers to improve this essential skill.

3. Use platforms that improve writing

Having the ability to tell stories and engage readers doesn’t always mean you’re an exceptional writer. If you are focused on improving your writing skills, you should consider using platforms like Grammarly to check your work and eliminate grammatical errors. Eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes is one of the things that can improve your grades. In most cases, these platforms are generally free. You will develop and improve your writing skills for free.

4. Read digital books

If you have an essay or complex projects that you are working on, it can be difficult to carry heavy books with you all the time. However, technology has made everything easy for you. You should consider downloading and reading eBooks because you can easily store them in a convenient place on your phone. You can easily access these books in your study room or on the go. Reading eBooks will allow you to easily improve your writing skills without having to carry physical books. The best part is that most digital books are free.

5. Invest in noise canceling headphones

While this does not directly affect your writing skills, it can help writers who work in distracting and noisy environments. Trying to write in a distracting environment can prevent you from producing your best work. However, by investing in noise suppression listeners, you will minimize distractions and improve your ability to write effectively.

6. Note-taking and collaboration tools

Consider these scenarios:

  • You work with a professional writer to improve the quality of your article. How can you work together?
  • You plan and research your article. What can you do to avoid forgetting important details?
  • You are working on a project with your team. How to share it and improve it?

All of these scenarios can be easily solved with collaborative and note-taking tools. There are many amazing apps online that can greatly improve the quality of your work.


With all the tips we’ve shared with you, writing shouldn’t be a complex process for you. The ways and methods we have discussed here offer you endless possibilities to develop and improve your skills. And most of the online tools you’ll be using don’t cost anything. These tools are ideal for professional writers and students who focus on producing quality content without plagiarism. Technology has revolutionized all aspects of our life. And it will continue to do so for many years to come. What are you going to start using today to improve your writing skills?

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