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Just a year and a half after its launch, Doomberg – complete with its iconic green chicken logo – has become the highest-paying financial publication on Substack. Doomberg joined Opto sessions to discuss the origins and philosophies of the site, the sabotage of the Nord Stream and the weakening of the Japanese yen.


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A small team of scientists with experience in “classic old-school commodity industries” launched the Doomberg sub-stack in May 2021 with the ambition to highlight how the fundamentals were being overlooked. economic and political decisions.

According to the team, there is an increasingly loose connection between decision-makers in finance and politics and the scientific realities on which the consequences of their decisions are based. Doomberg’s strength lies in the connection its creators have to the scientific foundations that underpin the real economy, and their commitment to independence and honesty in writing about broad-ranging topics.

Asked about the origin of the distinctive green chicken logo on the Opto sessions podcast, Doomberg explained that “‘Chicken Little gets a terminal’ was our first tagline”. “[The green chicken is] just a clipart that we colorized and modified a bit. When we A/B tested it with our friends, it scored incredibly well.

Nord Stream Sabotage and the “Master Commodity”

Much of Doomberg’s recent focus has been on the global energy crisis. A recent article titled “Decades in Minutes” assesses the fallout from the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines. Doomberg expands on the article’s view of impact.

“Even if the most pro-Western leader replaced Putin tomorrow, the damage to these pipelines makes it incredibly difficult for Europe to get through the winter without severe electricity rationing and the ensuing economic crisis. inevitably following such disasters,” Doomberg said, adding that “open warfare over critical energy choke points” would be felt globally.

“There is no path to decarbonization that does not go through nuclear” – Doomberg

Given the disastrous impact that inflation is already having on the developing world’s energy supply, Doomberg believes that undersupply is one of the most serious challenges facing humanity. “In a world where we have a relative abundance of energy, energy is just one commodity among many. In a world where we have an energy shortage, energy is the main commodity.

And when it comes to decarbonization, Doomberg is clear that nuclear power is the only feasible one: “There’s no path to decarbonization that doesn’t go through nuclear power.”

The fall of the yen in the center of concerns

Doomberg, like the rest of the financial world, is also watching the moves of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) with interest. The country’s central bank refused to raise interest rates, allowing the Japanese yen to fall more than 150 to the dollar on Thursday (October 20th).

“The most healthy currency in the world is the Russian ruble. Russia is an energy exporter of enormous proportions” – Doomberg

Even foreign exchange comes down to energy, he says, since energy prices are quoted in dollars. He also observes how three of the most depreciating currencies against the dollar: the Japanese yen, the pound sterling and the euro, all rule in regions facing severe energy shortages.

“The most healthy currency in the world is the Russian ruble. Russia is an energy exporter of enormous proportions,” Doomberg pointed out. In fact, the country has cut interest rates several times this year, keeping them below pre-war levels.

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