What should you know before watching it this holiday season?


Christmas Eve has a lot up its sleeves and especially when it comes to entertainment. Today the film we are going to talk about is none other than that of a novelist and how events take a turn in her life. Christmas is above all about giving or exchanging gifts, isn’t it! But there is no other gift than the one great one, which is called Love, so here we are going to show you the impact it can have on his life.

What is the plot of the writing around the Christmas tree?

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The core plot of the film centers around the life of a romance writer named Mikaela, who appears to have a lower status in her work recently and why the stills appear to be unknown. So, in order to find the solution to her problem, she goes to a place that was most dear to her father, and it is an inn which is near a lake.

Now the good weather along the movement the story takes place can give you several clues. And as the story follows Mikaela, she attends a retreat where she meets Levi, who appears to be a huge fan of her mother’s work.

She seems to be fascinated with him as well as his personality, which makes her think that the only way to get rid of her problem when it comes to writing like her is to go through the same thing. As she begins to fall in love with him, she begins to realize what she has been missing for a while. So, in this way, love becomes the remedy for the problem for which she was looking for the answer from the beginning.

Cast of Writing Around the Christmas tree!

Let’s move on to the team of members who made this one a classic, including Krystal Joy Brown as Mikaela Leighton, Curtis Hamilton as Levi McGuire, Meg Steedle as Olive Olsen, Gavyn Michaels as Keifer, Max Emerson as Mitchell, Dawnn Lewis as Sharon Samuels, Samantha Quan as Gigi, James Black as Irving Leighton and René Ashton as Tracy.

When and where can we watch this?

The writing of life around the Christmas tree
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This film will be released on screens on December 25, 2021, where you can enjoy it if you are simply connected directly to your Lifetime platform. Apart from that, you can also watch it for rental on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, Philo, and Vidgo as well.

What to know before watching it?

The trailer for the same has already been released, and if you’re the person who wants a bite to eat before enjoying the whole meal, then the trailer is here for you. Just straight ahead and watch the trailer to find out what we’ve been talking about and since we’ve already shared all the details with you on where you can watch this masterpiece, so go for it.


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