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WordPress.org will soon launch a blog for developers. The blog went into beta late last week and resides on a subdomain of the main site. It sports a design similar to the general WordPress news blog.

One of the overall goals that WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden-Chomphosy identified for 2022 was the creation of a developer-focused communication site. This new blog is the culmination of an effort that began earlier this year.

“Keeping up with new features in the WordPress open source project is one of the main obstacles expressed by developers,” said contributor Birgit Pauli-Haack in the initial proposal.

“The Make Core blog places a heavy emphasis on meeting notes from the various core teams, rather than highlighting new features. This makes it difficult for developers who are not contributors or who contribute only occasionally to find relevant information among posts related to the team.

New Developer Blog content will focus on updates applicable to theme and plugin creators, developers working in agencies, Gutenberg API updates, advanced programming concepts, PHP gems and developer case studies.

There are already three posts published, which offer a hint of the type of content WordPress developers can expect on the blog:

The blog editorial process is entirely managed on GitHub, from pitches to publication. Anyone who wants to contribute can post to the Ideas Board for discussion. Approved ideas become blessed tasks and drafts and go through two reviews. People can contribute by posting ideas, writing articles, or joining the editorial team that reviews articles.

Now that the blog is in beta, contributors are looking for feedback from the WordPress developer community. Leave comments on the beta announcement or join the next meeting on the core-dev-blog WP Slack channel on December 1 at 13:00 UTC. Subscribe to the RSS feed to never miss a post from the new blog from the WordPress developers.


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