Wrexham student’s post-apocalyptic tale wins writing competition


A WREXHAM teenager has been selected as the Welsh regional winner in a national writing competition.

Holly Thorpe will now have her story in the post-apocalyptic world published in a new book, available now.

The 18-year-old’s win was part of Pearson’s My Twist on a Tale: Our Tomorrow writing contest.

In fall 2021, the Pearson Learning Society empowered children and young people aged four to 19 to put pen to paper and write their own stories and poems of the future, compiling the winning entries into a new book. My variant of a tale: our futurealongside a collection of audio stories.

Picking up the award in the Welsh category, the work of Holly, Audirewas chosen alongside 16 other fantastic stories and poems written by children across the country.

Holly’s story explores human connection and disconnection through the lyrical lyrics of a mysterious viewer looking down on a world overwhelmed by floods.

Watching a woman slip from her roof and drown from afar, Holly’s story is both poetic and dark, taking the reader on a journey from the edge of the forest, gazing down at a town struggling with the elements.

Holly, who attends Coleg Cambria in Wrexham, said: “When I found out I had won I immediately felt incredibly grateful to my English literature club at my college and my English teacher Janice Westwood.

“I wrote my work shortly after reading some of Kafka’s rather dark short stories and I think that’s what made me want to put myself in the shoes of someone watching a world in crisis in a dangerously passive way, which I think many of us, myself included, may unfortunately be guilty of.”

Over 1,200 school, sixth form and university students took part in the competition, with 17 winning entries selected across all categories, including KS1 to KS5, and all regions of the UK.

My variant of a tale: our futureEast available for download on the Pearson website, with all aspiring authors receiving their own hard copy as part of their award. Audio versions of each story are also available!

Lindsay Nadin, Head of Primary at Pearson, said: “Holly should be extremely proud of the history she has written.

“Her creativity and her writing skills make her a worthy winner, alongside the 16 other young authors.

My twist on a tale allows us to encourage and excite young children with writing, motivating them to create work that represents their own perspectives of the world we live in, and to find joy in the written word.”

Renowned children’s author Cathy Cassidy said: “Holly’s writing is clean, crisp and understated, with powerful, quirky imagery that grabs hold from the first sentence. Holly has real talent, an absolute pleasure to read. read.”

The competition has been supported by a range of partners including The Reading Agency, National Literacy Trust, Love Reading, Authors Aloud, Parentkind, Governor Cymru Services, Book Love, Bookmark, Gingerbread, Heady Mix and Coram Beanstalk.

To download a copy of the book, visit go.pearson.com/OurTomorrow


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