Writing stories has become more difficult for children


Hazrat Zaynab (SA) is a great model of bravery and sacrifice for our children and teenagers, but the fact is that most of the books we read talked about his presence in the battle of Karbala.

Although the tragedy of Karbala was a turning point in her life, it is also important for readers to know her beliefs, her fate and what happened for her to become a model of Karbala.

“The Lady of My Story” by Mojgan Sheikhi is Hazrat Zaynab’s life story in 12 chapters which was published by Mehrak publication. Sheikhi is one of the most active and creative children’s writers who has written 200 books in this field till date and, some of them have been translated into different languages ​​and been a source of film making and of animations. “The sources of these stories that I have read and analyzed before are reliable, and for this book, I also read other sources to tell other characters. The story is told by 12 people and that made him spend a lot of time reading and researching,” says Sheikhi, referring to the authenticity of his stories.

The author describes his interest in religious literature and says that in the field of religion most of the books are historical, however, it should be an understandable and charming text for children. According to Mojgan Sheikhi, today storytelling is a very good method for teaching children. “Most of the teachers around the world use the storytelling method to teach, however, our education system still uses the same old methods, which is unnecessary,” says Sheikhi.

“If the story is fun and creative, it will always be special, like Harry Potter, and it shows that children really care about storytelling, even if it’s becoming difficult these days to write a good and brand new story. story,” she added.


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